Welcome to ChemGSO

ChemGSO is the Graduate Student Organization that serves the largest contingent of graduate students on campus. Made up of all Chemistry graduate students, ChemGSO totals over 100 graduate student members. 

The mission of ChemGSO is to:

  • Facilitate communication between graduate students and the Chemistry Department
  • Promote professional development for chemistry graduate students
  • Build social ties within the department

Current Officers

Officers for 2021:

Emily Mikeska - President

Kasun Wekasinghe - Vice-President

Jacob Theismann - Treasurer

Elizabeth Grotemeyer - Secretary

Piyanka Hettiarachchi - Event/Program Coordinator

Previous Officers:

Officers for 2020:

Chelsea Comadoll - President

Emily Mikeska - Vice-President

Jacob Theismann - Treasurer

Elizabeth Grotemeyer - Secretary

Josh Sanders - Event/Program Coordinator

Officers for 2019:

Josh Sanders, Zeke Piskulich, Galina Bulgakova, Kelci Schilly, and Chelsea Comadoll, ChemGSO Officers

Kelci Schilly - President

Zeke Piskulich - Vice-President

Galina Bulgakova - Treasurer

Chelsea Comadoll - Secretary

Josh Sanders - Event/Program Coordinator

Officers for 2018:

Zeke Piskulich - President

Amit Kumar - Vice President

Galina Bulgakova - Treasurer

Seth Martin - Secretary

Kristen Burns - Event Coordinator

Current and Past Committee Membership

Current Committee Members:

  • Alumni: Helena Howell
  • Graduate Affairs: Leah Pfeifer
  • Safety: Shrikant Londhe
  • Seminars: Amit Kumar
  • GROW: Hayley Blockinger

Past Committee Membership:

  • Analytical Faculty Search: Galina Bulgakova
  • Chair Search: Nate Erickson 
  • Seminar: Amy Jystad, Pubudu Wimalasiri
  • Safety: Alex Davies
  • Graduate Affairs: Kelci Schilly
  • Alumni: Ty Balduf

T-Shirt Fundraiser Web Order Form

To submit an order for the GSO T-shirt fundraiser, please visit the webform here:

Important Forms

ChemGSO is here to support you! If you have things about safety or graduate affairs that you would like ChemGSO to be aware of you can submit them through the following forms. ChemGSO can handle these comments anonymously on your behalf if need be. As always, you can also email with other concerns.

Safety Concerns:

Graduate Affairs:


Meeting Minutes

The current year's meeting minutes may be found in our google drive folder.

Opportunities for External Funding

Contact Us

You can contact us through our email and follow us on our social media platforms

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