Undergraduate Research

An undergraduate student presenting their research at our alumni night.

One of the missions of universities such as KU is the discovery of new knowledge, with the result that many in its community of scholars–faculty and students–are engaged in research. The Department of Chemistry believes that the education of our majors is not complete without a meaningful research experience, and strongly encourages its majors to join in the challenge and stimulation of its various research programs. 

The excitement of applying classroom learning to the discovery of something new can be enormous. Further, students gain confidence, in-depth exposure to a particular area of chemistry, expertise in advanced laboratory techniques, and, of most importance, the satisfaction of making a contribution to the advancement of knowledge in molecular science. The Chemistry Department's research programs and faculty have gained worldwide recognition for being at the leading edge of scientific research.

This site exists to help KU Chemistry majors learn how make research part of their undergraduate experience, and the wide-ranging opportunities available to them on campus, across the nation, or even abroad.  Click the icons below and explore.