Workplace Injury Guide

As an employee of The University of Kansas, injuries that occur while you are doing your job must be reported to Human Resources. Please follow the steps below.

KU Human Resources - Workplace Injury

More information about KU's workplace injury, including FAQ's, forms, etc.


  1. Does the injured person request immediate medical attention?

    1. Yes: If the injured person requests immediate medical attention, have them go to the LMH emergency room. If the injury is life-threatening, call 911.

      1. Be sure to state the injury was work related.
      2. If the injured employee wants to seek medical treatment, the injured employee's supervisor and/or the injured employee and the supervisor should contact the State Self Insurance Fund (SSIF) 24/7 Nurse Triage Program at 1-833-756-2007 to receive care instruction and/or authorization prior to seeking any medical treatment.  If authorization from SSIF is received, the injured employee should follow SSIF's directions on where to schedule the appointment.  Employees are not required to seek medical treatment following the report of an injury or illness.  The injured employee should understand that without the prior authorization from SSIF to seek treatment, if the injury is determined to not be compensable by worker's compensation, the employee will be responsible for associated out of pocket expenses.
    2. No: Proceed to step 2
  2. Alert your immediate supervisor of the injury.
  3. E-mail Mary Lou Strong with KU HR at and copy your supervisor alerting them to the injury.
  4. Fill-out the Report of Workplace Illness/Injury Form within 24 hours of the injury, regardless of whether you seek treatment or not.
    1. Should you later decide to seek treatment, call the State Self Insurance Fund (SSIF) for prior authorization at 785-296-2364.

      1. Once you receive authorization, call the LMH Business Health Center at 785-505-3114 to schedule an appointment.
  5. Fill-out the Injured Employee’s Report of Injury, and e-mail to SSIF at:
  6. If medical treatment was sought, provide any work release documentation to your supervisor.
    1. Supervisor: Maintain a copy for your files, and send a copy to
  7. If you require a prescription for your workplace injury, you must fill-out the First Fill Form and provide it to your pharmacy.