Position Announcements

Position Announcements

Before reading the information on this page, please note that any employment with the University is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a background check.

The Post-Doc Application Pool

A pool of applications for post-doctoral positions is continuously maintained.

The Chemistry Department invites qualified Ph.D. chemists to submit applications to their ongoing Postdoctoral Pool. The pool will be reviewed by individual faculty members for consideration of research positions in any of the following fields: Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, and Science Education. You can view a list of our faculty members and their research opportunities on our "Faculty" page.

For a complete description and to apply, go to KU Human Resource Management's website and complete the following steps:

  1. Review the job description
  2. Click on “Apply to Job”
  3. Login if you are registered and skip to step #4
  4. Register if necessary
    • Click on “Click here to create a login.”
    • Click on “Continue”
    • Enter e-mail address, password (twice), and answers to three different security questions
    • Click “Continue””
  5. Select “Upload my resume/CV from my computer”, click on “Browse”
  6. Browse to your resume or CV and upload it
  7. Select “Upload my cover letter from my computer”, click on “Browse” (optional)
  8. Browse to your cover letter and upload it
  9. Click on “Continue”
  10. If your documents appear correctly, click on “Continue”.  If not, click on “Back” and try again.
  11. When your documents are correct, click on “Continue”
  12. Edit “Contact Information”, Work Experience” and “Education” if necessary
  13. When all tabs are correct, click on “Continue”
  14. Attach any attachments to support your application, click on “Continue”
  15. Answer questions, click on “Continue”
  16. Answer additional questions
  17. Click on “Submit”
  18. You should be directed to a confirmation page.  If not, edit and resubmit.
  19. Consult the “Help” page for additional help