Spring 2023 Analytical Seminars

Mondays at 3:30pm in Simons Auditorium, West Campus [unless otherwise noted].

This table lists the dates of all of this semester's analytical seminars. Please check back, as this page is updated throughout the academic year. For more information, please contact Amanda Morrow.

January 23No seminar
January 30No seminar, please attend the Bioengineering Colloquium featuring                            Dr. Meredith Hartley, Asst. Professor, KU Chemistry Department                                        "Lipid dynamics during myelin damage and repair"                                                            4:00 - 5:00 pm, LEEP2 2420
February 6No seminar
February 13No seminar
February 20No seminar
February 27Madeline Isom, Desaire group (short talk)                                                                           "Enabling biomarker studies for protected populations with noninvasive fingerprint sampling, MS analysis, and machine learning"
March 6No seminar
March 13Spring Break (no seminar)
March 20Pittcon (no seminar)
March 24 (Friday)Chemistry Departmental Seminar featuring Christian Amatore 
   "Nano-Amperometric Electrochemical Biosensors for Quantitative Measurements of Transient Release By Living Neurons. Application to Glutamate Release"
March 27ChienWei Wang, Whelan group (short talk)                                                                          "Characterizing the Tandem Repeat Region of the Ovarian Cancer Biomarker CA125"
April 3Indika Warnakula, Lunte group (long talk)                                                                          "Strategies for separation and detection of reducible electroactive species"
April 10Dr. Michael Wang, Professor, KU Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry       "Targeted Proteomics for Quantitative Pharmacology and Biomarker Monitoring: Advances and Challenges"  
April 14 (Friday)Annual Adams Lecture featuring Prof. Nancy Allbritton, University of Washington            "Designing Functional Microdevices for Biomedical Research"
April 17

Dr. Julie Stenken, Professor, University of Arkansas                                     "Microdialysis Sampling: Analytical Chemistry-Based Improvements and Applications" 

April 24Emily Kurfman, Lunte group (long talk)                                                                              "Strategies for capillary electrophoresis-based analysis of cellular metabolites for biosignature detection on icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn"
April 25 (Tuesday at 2:30 pm)Pharm Chem seminar, Prof. Hua Tian, Penn State                                                            "Spatial Single-Cell Multiomics Using Giant Cluster Ion Beam Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (GCIB-SIMS)"
May 1 (3 pm)CHEM 636 Student Presentations
RESCHEDULED: May 12 (Friday) 11:00 am in Simons 100Special Seminar: Prof. Amanda Hummon, The Ohio State University                                "Spatial SILAC - Developing Isotopic Zip Codes for Drug Development in 3D Cell Cultures"