Chemistry Departmental Seminars

1154 GL/ISB on Fridays at 4:00PM [unless otherwise noted].

Chemistry Dept. Seminars - Fall 2023

August 25 - Chemistry Department Safety Meeting (University of Kansas); Host: Blakemore
                     "Safety Across the Research Spectrum"

September 1 - Koji Sode (UNC); Host: Lunte / Johnson
                    "Direct Electron Transfer Type Oxidoreductases: What they are, how to use and how to construct"

September 8 - Andy Tennyson (Clemson); Host: Barybin
                    "Bioorganometallic Redox Catalysis"

September 15 - Luke Lairson (Scripps); Host: Hartley
                      "Chemistry-Enabled Biological Discovery"

September 22 - Florence Williams (Iowa); Host: Tunge
                      "Taking Advantage of Strong Boron-Oxygen and Boron-Fluorine Associations for Chemoselective Reactions"

September 29 - Ara Apkarian (UC Irvine); Host: Elles
                      "Seeing the Inner Workings of Molecules, or Wiring Photons to Molecules"

October 6 - Maher Lecture:  Dan Mindiola (Penn); Host: Shaun Kelsey
                      "New Developments in Low-Valent and Early Transition Metal Ions, Metal-Ligand Multiple Bonds, and Catalysis with Alkynes and Methane"

October 13 - No Seminar (Chemical Biology Symposium)

October 20 - No Seminar ( Week of Fall Break & Midwest-Great Lakes Regional Meeting of the ACS)                  

October 27 - Rebekka Klausen (Johns Hopkins); Host: Teator
                      "Conjugated Polymers Inspired by Crystalline Silicon"

November 3 - Brewster Lecture:  Bill Evans (UC Irvine); Host: Blakemore
                  "Recent Advances in the Reductive Chemistry of the Rare-Earth and Actinide Metals" 

November 10 - Jonathan Sessler (University of Texas); Host: Bowman-James
                  "Pyrrole-Based Porus Materials (And Friends)"

November 17 - Werner Lecture: Vicki Wysocki (Ohio State); Host: Desaire
                  "Native Mass Spectrometry as a Structural Biology Tool"

November 24 - No Seminar (Thanksgiving Break)

MONDAY, November 27 CEBC Colloquium - Ive Hermans (University of Wisconsin-Madison); 
                    "The Role of Heterogeneous Catalysis in the Defossilization of the Chemical Industry"

December 1 - Donna Chen (South Carolina); Host: Farber
                    "Designing New Heterogeneous Catalysts Through Metal-Metal Interactions"

December 5 - No Seminar (Stop Day)