Chemistry Departmental Seminars

1154 GL/ISB on Fridays at 4:00PM [unless otherwise noted].

Chemistry Dept. Seminars - Spring 2023

January 20 - Peter Sues (Kansas State); Host: Jackson/Blakemore
                     "From Concepts to Catalysis: Manipulating the Secondary Coordination Sphere to Control Small Molecule Activation"

January 27 - Davidson Lecture: Greg Scholes (Princeton); Host: Caricato
                    "From synchronization to chemical reaction superpositions"

February 3 - Nan Jiang (University of Illinois, Chicago); Host: Farber
                    "Angstrom Scale Chemical Analysis via Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy"

February 10 - CANCELLED - Jonathan Sessler (University of Texas); Host: Bowman-James
                      "Pyrrole-Based Porus Materials (And Friends)"

February 17 - Dains Lecture: Karen Wooley (Texas A&M); Host: Teator
                      "Structural, Topological and Morphological Diversities for Sustainable, Digestible Polymers Derived from Carbohydrates as Natural Product-based Polymers that Address Health Food-Energy-Water Challenges:  A story of pivots to overcome adversities while pursuing ambitions"

February 24 - Emanuel Waddell (JSNN); Host: Soper
                      "Lasers, People and Science"

March 3 - No Seminar (GROW Weekend)

March 8 - WEDNESDAY 3:30 1146 GL  Kurt Brorsen (University of Missouri); Host: Caricato
                  "Including Nuclear Quantum Effects in Computational Chemistry Calculations with Multicomponent Methods" 

March 10 - CANCELLED - Luke Lairson (Scripps); Host: Hartley
                  To be rescheduled next semester

March 17 - No Seminar (Spring Break)

March 22 - WEDNESDAY  Robert Comito (University of Houston); Host: Tunge
                  "Amine synthesis by hydrogen-atom transfer and energy-transfer photocatalysis" 

March 24 - Christian Amatore (ENS); Host: Lunte
                  "Nano-Amperometric Electrochemical Biosensors for Quantitative Measurements of Transient Release By Living Neurons. 
Application to Glutamate Release"

March 31 - Office of Civil Rights & Title IX Presentation

April 6 - Schowen Lecture: Catherine Drennan (MIT); Host: Hartley/Schowen Committee
                     "Capturing Snapshots of Metalloenzymes in Action"

April 7 - Schowen Lecture (Public): Catherine Drennan (MIT); Host: Hartley/Schowen Committee
                    "Is the Classroom Lecture Becoming Extinct or Simply Evolving?"

April 14 - Adams Lecture: Nancy Allbritton (University of Washington); Host: Lunte
                   "Designing Functional Microdevices for Biomedical Research"

April 21 - John Protasiewicz (Case Western) Host: Barybin
                  "Photoluminescent π-Conjugated Materials Featuring Multiple Bonded Phosphorus Atoms"

April 28 - ACS Lecture: TIm Jackson (KU)
               "Using Model Complexes to Understand How Enzymes Control the Reactions of Metals"

May 5 - No Seminar (Stop Day)