Chemistry Department Room Reservations

This page, which was last updated in March 2021, lists information on reserving our conference rooms and atriums for meetings, defenses, seminars, workshops, poster sessions, etc.

ISB/GL (Integrated Science Building or Gray-Little Hall) 

You can view the availability and make reservations for these rooms on each individual calendar in MS Outlook. Please contact Laurie White at or 785-864-0354 with questions about the ISB/GL conference rooms, atriums or hallway calendars. KU Information Technology provides instructions on reserving the following list of rooms, atrium and hallway in ISB/GL in an article on its website

Conference rooms and other reservable spaces in ISB/GL are listed below.

  • 2113 Conference Room - (2nd floor, A Tower)
  • 2124 Conference Room - (2nd floor, between A & B Towers) *has Polycom system
  • 2181 Conference Room - (2nd floor, C Tower) *has Polycom system
  • 2182 Conference Room - (2nd floor, C Tower)
  • 3113 Conference Room - (3rd floor, A Tower)
  • 3124 Conference Room - (3rd floor, between A & B Towers)
  • 3170 Conference Room - 3rd floor, between B & C Towers) *has Polycom system
  • ISB/GL Atrium Lower - (1st floor space by 1160 ISB and stairwell between Towers B & C)
  • ISB/GL Atrium Upper - (2nd floor space by North entrance and stairwell between Towers B & C)
  • ISB/GL Chemistry Hallway - (1st floor hallway between the East entrance and the glass doorways by 1154 ISB)

Instructions for Polycom system in select conference rooms (*noted above)

Malott Hall

All conference rooms are now all managed by Physics & Astronomy, including 6092, 3059, and 3005 Malott.  Please email Kayla Wegley at or if she’s not available, email Kristin Rennells at

MRB (Multidisciplinary Research Building) 

Please email Ann Smith at, or if she’s not available, email Carla Ramirez at

Classrooms (used for class discussions, review sessions, seminars, etc.)

For all classroom reservations, you may submit your reservation request directly: 

  • Please use the following link to view classrooms on KU’s 25Live Pro site:!/home/search/event/list
    • Use the “Go to Search” and select object “Locations” then search for a specific room there.  You have to click on the “Availability” or “Availability Weekly” tab to see the room calendar.  You are always welcome to email Course and Room Scheduling ( directly if you need help finding a classroom, or ask Stephanie Chamberlain for assistance.
  • ISB/GL classrooms: 1144, 1146, 1154 and 1160 GL
  • Central Utility Plant: 1200 CDUP
  • Budig Hall: 110, 120, and 130 Budig
  • Wescoe Hall: 3139 and 3140 Wescoe
  • Malott Hall: 1001, 1003, and 2001 Malott