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Information submitted (such as your name, degree, year of graduation, and story) may be added to our Alumni page in our newsletter. We will NOT post your contact information or share it with any third parties.  This information will be used in the department only.

If you wish to add, remove or update your information in the KU Alumni directory go to The KU Alumni Association, or you can send them an email at kualumni@kualumni.org.


  • Dec. 2020 KU Chemistry newsletter (.pdf)
  • Dec. 2019 KU Chemistry newsletter (.pdf) 
  • Nov. 2016 KU Chemistry E-Newsletter (.pdf)
  • Sept. 2016 KU Chemistry E-Newsletter  (.pdf) 
  • Fall 2012 KU Chemistry E-Newsletter  (.pdf) 
  • 2010 Jayhawk Chemist: Yearly Newsletter (.pdf)
  • "The Discovery of Helium in Natural Gas" by the American Chemical Society. (.pdf) 
  • "History of the KU Chemistry Department, 1950-2000" by Marlin D. Harmony (.pdf) 
  • "Fifty Years in Bailey Chemical Laboratory" by Robert Taft (.pdf)