IT Resources for faculty, students, and staff

Remote Access to Chemistry Servers and Drives

It is possible to reach personal and group drives from a computer not connected to Active Directory and the KU network.  The most efficient method is to map a drive (go to a server on a Mac).  This is possible when connected to KU via KU Anywhere.

  1. Create a virtual network connection using KU Anywhere. Instructions for connecting to a virtual network can be found on KU IT's website. (NOTE: if you are connected via the Jayhawk wireless network, skip this step)
  2. Map your group and home drives

Connecting to an Multi-function Device (MFD)

It is possible to send print jobs to the MFDs in MRB.  Your research group will be charged for these print jobs.  To print to the MFDs in ISB, please contact Chemistry Tech Support group

Connecting to a Network Printer

It is possible to connect to network printers if the printer has a static IP address.  Currently it is not possible to print via a wireless connection.

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