Graduate Advising

Chemistry Department Policy 

First-year students will be advised by the Graduate Affairs Committee for the Fall semester upon their arrival and for the Spring semester in October. After the first two semesters, each student must consult with their research adviser before the beginning of each semester about future enrollments. Students' advisers will check to be certain the necessary requirements are being met and will answer any questions or help students solve any problems which might arise. 

Our Graduate Program Coordinator, Avery Meadows, can be reached at

KU Policy

Advising of graduate students is primarily conducted within the graduate programs by program staff members and the individual faculty members who act as mentors and advisers. Students are encouraged to work with the director of graduate studies regarding course selections and individual program requirements to ensure that all program milestones are reached as expected by the program faculty and CLAS. The graduate studies director or coordinator is also responsible for the regular assessment of students in the program and should be the one to address questions regarding a student’s progress toward the degree.

For more information regarding College policies and university degree requirements, contact the College Office of Graduate Affairs, 108 Strong Hall,, for assistance.