Organic Seminars

1160 GLH Thursday at 12:30 p.m. [unless otherwise noted].
August 31

Ebbin Joseph  (Tunge Group)
"Molecular Functionalization Through Decarboxylation"

September 7

Deskanwar Brar (Tunge Group)
"The Persistent Radical Effect"

September 14

No Seminar

September 21

Collin Waller (Tunge Group)
"Interconversion of Oximes Through Transitional Metal Catalysis"

September 28

Joshua Cudjoe (Tunge Group)
"Single-Atom Catalysis"

October 5

Guarav Garg (Hanson Group)
"Design, Synthesis and Reactivity Profiling of P-Heterocycles and Neopeltolide Analogs"

October 12

POSTPONED    Evelyn Pinedo (Teator Group)
 to a later date   "Keteniminium Ions as Versatile Reactive Intermediates"

October 19

No Seminar -  ACS Joint Midwest/Great Lakes Regional Meeting (MWRM/GLRM)
St. Louis, MO

October 26

Viena Thomas  (Hanson Group)
"Method Development for the Synthesis of S-Chemotype Libraries"

November 2

Leander Fraley (Tunge Group)
"Photocatalytic Generation of Heteroatom-Centered Radicals for C-H Functionalization"

November 9

James Martinez (HansonGroup)
"Development of Sanctolide A Analogs and Efforts Towards the Total Synthesis of Daphnepapytone A"

November 16

No Seminar - ACS Southwest Regional Meeting (SWRM)
Oklahoma City, OK

November 23

No Seminar - Thanksgiving

November 30

No Seminar

December 7

Kasun Wekasingghe (Teator Group)
"Post Polymerization modification of Poly(acrylamides)"