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Poster Printing Request

The Chemistry Department prints posters for all Chemistry faculty, postdocs, and students with Chemistry funding sources.  The cost for a poster printed on glossy photo paper is $20. The cost for a poster printed on Poly Select fabric is $30, which is our new medium option that is a polyester-blend fabric that is foldable for easier transportation. Please see the below FAQ's about Poly Select.

The Chemistry printer is located in the main Chemistry Department office in 1140 ISB (Integrated Science Building also called "CDS1" on KU's parking maps). The procedure below describes the process of creating, saving, submitting, and picking up a poster. (NOTE: If the funding you plan to use is administered by Higuchi Biosciences Center, please contact André Faucher to arrange for HBC to print the poster.)

Please fill out the following webform to request your poster. All requests should be made at least 24 hours in advance, and we can NOT guarentee posters will be printed the same day. 

FAQ’s about Poly Select:
•    Q: Does it wrinkle when folded?
•    A: Yes, but it can be ironed on a LOW heat setting (use the polyester/synthetic setting but nothing higher).

•    Q: Can I print the same poster in both mediums?
•    A: Yes, but it will cost a total of $50. ($20 for glossy paper plus $30 for Poly Select)

•    Q: How long will it take to print a Poly Select poster?
•    A: The same amount of time as a glossy paper poster.  We still ask you submit your request 24 hours in advance of when you need the poster.


The name of the person the poster is for
Please provide the number of the grant that will be paying for the poster
Please list your PI so that we may confirm funding with them
Please provide the name of the conference or event where you will be presenting the poster
Please select the medium on which you want your poster printed. We currently have two options which include: 1. glossy paper which costs $20 per poster. 2. Poly Select (a polyester blend fold-able fabric) which costs $30 per poster.
The cost is per poster copy
Posters are typically 36"X48" (3ft by 4ft). The width of paper we use is 36", so one dimension must be 36" or smaller.
By clicking yes you agreed to an additional $3 charge for the carrier
please let us know when you expect to pick up your poster. We will try our best to have it ready for you at that time, although please be aware that printer complications could cause delays. The earlier you submit your request the better.
Please note that our office is only open from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM M - F
Please upload a PDF of your poster for us to print. You are responsible for ensuring that the poster is finalized and ready to print.
Files must be less than 100 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf ppt pptx.
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