DyMERS Seminars

1146 GLH Wednesday at 3:30 [unless otherwise noted].


07 - September

Rachael Farber, KU Chemistry
   "Investigating Materials Growth and Performance using Ultra-High Vacuum Surface Science Techniques"

14 - September

Mohammad Momeni, UMKC Chemistry
   "Computer Simulation of Low-Dimensional Nanoporous Materials in Condensed Phase"

21 - September

No Seminar

28 - September

Jeff Greathouse, Sandia National Laboratory
   "Molecular Simulation and Machine Learning of Fluid Diffusion in Nanopores"

05 - October

Emily Mikeska, Blakemore Group

Davis Curry, Blakemore Group

12 - October

Patrick Connelly, Barybin Group

Micah Welsch, Laird Group

19 - October

No Seminar (ACS MWRM & Chem-Bio Symposium)

26 - October

Georgii Griaznov, Barybin Group

Pauf Neupane, Thompson Group

02 - November

Ana Rita Colaco Morais, KU Chemical & Petroleum Engineering

09 - November

Alex Ervin, Blakemore Group

Sahan Godahewa, Thompson Group

16 - November

Dmitry Ovchinnikov, KU Physics

23 - November

No Seminar (Thanksgiving)

30 - November

Anjali Radhakrishnan, Thompson Group

Taylor Parsons, Caricato Group

07 - December

Priya Singh, Jackson Group