DyMERS Seminars

1146 GLH Wednesday at 3:30 [unless otherwise noted].


18 - January

Dr. Rasel Mian, KU Crystallography Lab
   "Structure Determination of Multifunctional Smart and Programmable Materials"

25 - January

Davis Curry, Blakemore Group
   "Immobilization of a Molecular Uranyl Complex on Carbon Electrodes"

1 - February

Sam Brunclik, Jackson Group
   "Development and characterization of a new MnIII-alkylperoxo complex"

Shaun Kelsey, Barybin Group
   "Mercapto-terminated biazulenes: Probing long-range electron delocalization across the 6,6'-biazulenic platform"

8 - February

Christian Nilles, Blakemore Group

Dan Johnson, Elles Group
   "Photogeneration of ylides from cycloketones: Excited-state spectroscopy and mechanisms"

15 - February

Patrick Murphy, Jackson Group
   "Reactivity studies of a manganese hydroxo complex with substituted phenols"

Joe Mandigo, Barybin Group
   "First diisocyano-terminated terazulenic π-linker and its chemically reversible polyelectrochromism"

22 - February

Hasini Senanayake, Thompson Group
   "Understanding the water dynamics under nanoconfinement: Simulations of IR and Raman spectra in amorphous silica slit pores"

1 - March

Ashley Borkowski, Thompson Group
   “Exploring the dynamics of aqueous salt solutions”

8 - March

Prof. Kurt Brorsen, University of Missouri (Host: Caricato)
   "Including Nuclear Quantum Effects in Computational Chemistry Calculations with Multicomponent Methods"

15 - March

No DyMERS - Spring Break

22 - March

Prof. Robert Comito, University of Houston (Host: Tunge)
   "Amine synthesis by hydrogen-atom transfer and energy-transfer photocatalysis"

29 - March

No DyMERS - ACS Meeting

5 - April

Joyce Nguyen, Laird Group
   "The usage of zeolites in removing PFAS from water"

Ally Deeken-Krieg, Thompson Group

12 - April

Joe Karnes, Blakemore Group
   "A coordinated journey from 2-D to 3-D ligands for heterobimetallic compounds"

19 - April

Riddhi Golwankar, Blakemore Group
   "Electrochemical Activation of U-O Bonds in the Uranyl Ion" 

26 - April

Elle Bartlett, Thompson Group

Emmanuel Forson, Caricato Group

Katie White, Elles Group

Lindsey Penland, Farber Group

Markell Lomax, Jackson Group

Fynn Cooper, Blakemore Group

3 - May

Shreyaa Brahmachari, Caricato Group

Stephanie Phan, Barybin Group

Thanuja Jayawardena, Thompson Group

Zahra Aghaei, Jackson Group

Shahla Daneshmehr, Kuczera Group

Shawn Mikeska, Bowman-James Group