DyMERS Seminars

1146 GLH Wednesday at 3:30 [unless otherwise noted].


September 6

No Seminar

September 13

No Seminar

September 20

Christian Nilles, Blakemore Group (long talk)
   "Understanding the Physical and Electrochemical Properties of Carbon Dioxide-Rich Electrolytes for Carbon Dioxide Conversion"

September 27

Dan Johnson, Elles Group (long talk)
   "Ultrafast Solution-Phase Photochemistry of Acetophenones and Cyclic Ketones"

Shreyaa Brahmachari, Caricato Group 
   "Towards Simulating Effective Reaction Rates of Catalytic Processes on Amorphous Silica"

October 4

Patrick Connelly, Barybin Group (long talk)

October 11

Chad Risko, (University of Kentucky) Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

October 18

No DyMERS - ACS Midwest-Great Lakes Regional Meeting

October 25

Shaun Kelsey, Barybin Group (long talk) 

November 1

Markell Lomax, Jackson Group

Emmanuel Forson, Caricato Group

November 8

Sam Brunclik, Jackson Group

Micah Welsch, Laird Group

November 15

Anjali Radhakrishnan, Thompson Group

Alex Ervin, Blakemore Group
   "Capturing the Uranyl Ion in Crown Ethers"

November 22

No DyMERS Seminar - Thanksgiving Break

November 29

Georgii Griaznov, Barybin Group (long talk)

December 6

Qunfei Zhou, (KU)  Asst. Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy
   "Interface Physics and Chemistry for Mixed-Dimensional Heterostructures"