DyMERS Seminars

1146 GLH Wednesday at 3:30 [unless otherwise noted].


02 - February


09 - February

   Dan Johnson, Elles Group
   "Providing Mechanistic Insight into Aza-Yang Cyclization via Transient Absorption Kinetics"

   Pauf Neupane, Thompson Group
   "Understanding Reactivity of the Hydrated Electron"

16 - February

   Patrick Connely, Barybin Group
   "Tuning sterics and electronics of the redox-active 2-isocyano-6,6’-biazulenic ligand platform"

   Emily Mikeska, Blakemore Group
   "Metal vs. Ligand Redox in Polypyridyl Dicarboxylate Complexes of Uranium and Ruthenium"

23 - February

   Joyce Nguyen, Laird Group
   "Controlling Amorphous Silica Surface Roughness"

   Sahan Godahewa, Thompson Group
   "Surface Functionalization of Amorphous Silica and Energetics of Surface Hydration"

02 - March

   Sam Brunslic, Jackson Group
   "Characterization of a family of MnIII-alkylperoxo complexes"

   Ashley Borkowski, Thompson Group
   "Shining (Infrared) Light on the Hofmeister Series: Temperature Dependence of Water Vibrational Spectra in Aqueous Alkali-Halide Solutions"

09 - March

   Isaac Moore, Caricato Group
   "Mechanistic Insights on the Hydrodeoxygenation of Benzyl Alcohol with a Pd-Terpyridine Catalyst"

   Riddhi Golwankar, Blakemore Group
   "Electrochemical and Chemical Activation of U–O Bonds in the Uranyl Ion"

16 - March

   Spring Break

23 - March

   ACS Meeting

30 - March

   Kaihua Zhang, Caricato Group

06 - April

   Erik Holmstrom, Assistant Professor, MB
   "Compaction and folding of RNAs in apolar chemical environments"

13 - April

   Jin Yan He, Kuczera Group

20 - April

   PJ Srivastava, Elles Group

27 - April

     Shaun Kelsey, Barybin Group

   Georgii Griaznov, Barybin Group
   "The 2-isocyano-6,2’-biazulene ligand platform: a new family of redox-active         isocyanoarenes for electron-rich organometallics"

   Christian Nilles, Blakemore Group
   "Molecular Electrocatalysis in CO2-Expanded Electrolytes"

04 - May

   Mandigo, 1- Barybin Group

   Ervin, 1- Blakemore Group
   "Reductive Electrodeposition Behavior of Metal Oxo Cations"

   Curry, 1- Blakemore Group
   "Quantifying Lewis Acidity with Phosphine Oxide Probe Molecules"

   Murphy, 1- Jackson Group

   Radhakrishnan, 1- Thompson Group