DyMERS Seminars

1160 GLH Wednesday at 3:30 [unless otherwise noted].


January 24

No Seminar

January 31

Emily Mikeska, (Blakemore Group)
   "Development of Actinyl Acetates as Synthons for Transuranic Coordination Chemistry"

February 7

Dr. Elizabeth Corson (KU Chemical Engineering)
   "(Photo)Electrochemical Conversion for Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals, and Fertilizer"

View abstract and bio here.

February 14

Dr. Pauf Neupane (Thompson Group)
   "Exploring the Unusual Reactivity of the Hydrated Electron with CO2"

February 21

Joyce Nguyen (Laird Group)
   "Modeling the Structure and Interactions of Silica-based Materials"

February 28

Joe Mandigo (Barybin Group)
   "Electron-rich Dinuclear Cr(0) Complexes of Diisocyano-terminated Linear Terazulenic π-linkers"

March 6

Zahra Aghaei (Jackson Group)
   "Formation, Thermal Decay and Reactivity of the First Room-Temperature-Stable MnIII-hydroperoxo Complex"

Davis Curry (Blakemore Group)
   "Structural Effects on Surface-immobilization of Uranyl Complexes"

March 13

No Seminar - Spring Break

March 20

No Seminar - ACS Spring Meeting
   New Orleans, LA

March 27

Elle Bartlett (Thompson Group)
   "Uncovering the Driving Forces Controlling Ion Diffusion in Carbon Dioxide-expanded Electrolytes"

Brian Faintich (Caricato Group)
   "Isotope Effect in Optical Rotation"

April 3

Fynn Cooper (Blakemore Group)
   "Reactivity Patterns of Model Cr(III) Pre-catalysts for Olefin Oligomerization"

Stephanie Pham (Barybin Group)
   "Charge Delocalization in Electron-rich Complexes of Redox Non-innocent, Isocyanide-terminated 2,2’-biazulenic Ligands"

April 10

Sahan Godahewa (Thompson Group)
   "Development of ab Initio-derived Force Fields for Accurate Modeling of Silica-CO2 Interactions"

Lindsey Penland (Farber Group)
   "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of Decanethiol and Mercaptopropionic Acid Binary Self Assembled Monolayers"

April 17

Taylor Parsons (Caricato Group)
   "Simulating Absorption Spectra using EOM-CCSD with a Polarizable Force Field: Application to the GFP Chromophore"

Thanuja Jayawardena (Thompson Group)
   "An Optimized Force Field for Silica-Water Interfaces"

April 24

Presentations from First Year Students
   Anagha Puthiyadath (Jackson), Grant Arehart (Blakemore), Hirushan Hetti Arachchige (Farber)

May 1

Presentations from First Year Students
   Jared Schaeffer (Blakemore), Nadith Dissanayake (Farber), Natalie Lind (Blakemore), Nnamdi Uzoukwu (Thompson Group)