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Chemistry Department Seminar (Friday Seminar)

Analytical Seminar

Dynamics, Materials, Energy, Reactivity & Spectroscopy Seminar (DyMERS)

Organic Seminar

Special Seminars/Events

Final Defense Seminars

Dynamic Aspects of Chemical Biology Seminars

Affiliated Department Seminars

Molecular Biosciences - KU College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Bioengineering Program Colloquium - KU School of Engineering

Chemical & Petroleum Engineering - KU School of Engineering

Medicinal Chemistry - KU School of Pharmacy

Pharmacology and Toxicology - KU School of Pharmacy

Center for Bioinformatics

Seminar Guidelines/Required Forms for Reimbursement

         Department Guidelines
         KU Entertainment Policy


         > Home Address - must be the same address listed on your W9/W8
         > List of Attendees -  names of all who attended the event/meal
         > Receipts - legible/itemized and show how expenses were paid
         > Reimbursement Form - Emily Matteson or Elaine Knight will process    
         > Inform - let us know if you ARE NOT a USA Citizen/Permanent Resident        
         > W9/W8 - a new W9/W8 is required if you've moved within the last 30 days

          NOTE:  All (but W9/W8) can be submitted to -







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