The Richard S. Givens Chair in Chemistry

Purpose:  To recognize outstanding faculty contributions in research, teaching, and service.


  1. The Richard S. Givens Chair in Chemistry will be awarded every three years to a deserving faculty member.
  2. Tenured faculty at the associate or full professor levels with at least a half-time appointment in Chemistry are eligible.
  3. Faculty already holding a named or distinguished professorship are not eligible.
  4. Self-nominations or third-party nominations will be made to the Chemistry Department Awards Committee.
  5. The candidate will submit an abbreviated CV that details their research, teaching, and service activities for the previous three-year cycle.
  6. Only contributions during that three-year cycle should be included in the Award Committee’s deliberations.
  7. The Awards Committee will rank the applicants and submit their top three choices to the Chair of the Chemistry Department.
  8. The Chair will select the awardee from this list in consultation with the committee.
  9. A faculty member can be awarded this chair multiple times, but no awardee can hold the Chair in consecutive terms. 

Award:  Faculty selected for this honor will:

1.  Hold the title “Richard S. Givens Chair in Chemistry” for their three-year term. 

2.  Receive approximately $15,000/year in research support contingent on the availability of funds.

Support:  This program will be supported through the Richard S. Givens Chair in Chemistry Fund.  Once the invested balance of this fund reaches a sufficient level, the Chair will be converted to a Distinguished Chair in Chemistry.  A permanent holder of the Richard S. Givens Chair in Chemistry will be selected either internally or through a national search.