Jon Tunge

Jon Tunge
  • Professor
  • Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
  • Richard S. Givens Chair in Chemistry

Contact Info

1136 GL (ISB)
1567 Irving Hill Rd
Lawrence, KS 66045


B.S., University of Idaho, 1995
Ph.D., Columbia University, 2000
Postdoctoral Associate 2000-02, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Organic Chemistry


Tunge Research Group Poster

Decarboxylative Metalation Reactions in Organic Synthesis.  We are establishing a program based on the catalytic generation of reactive organometallic species through decarboxylation. The loss of gaseous CO2 provides a thermodynamic driving force that allows the formation of reactive intermediates under exceptionally mild conditions. Based on this premise, we have recently developed an asymmetric decarboxylative allylation reaction as well as decarboxylative olefin insertion.  In these reactions, reactive enolates are regiospecifically formed under non-basic conditions.

Combinatorial Synthesis through Catalytic Hydroarylation. The functionalization of C-H bonds is a major goal in synthetic chemistry.   We are interested in the use of C-H functionalization for the combinatorial synthesis of a diverse array of heterocyclic structures. Furthermore, we are interested in studying the mechanisms of C-H functionalizations since it is my belief that understanding how these reactions take place will allow us to develop new catalysts for the activation and functionalization of C-H bonds.


Selected Publications

Tunge, J.A., The Evolution of Decarboxylative Allylation: Overcoming pK(a) Limitations. Israel Journal of Chemistry, 2020. 60(3-4): p. 351-359.

Cartwright, K.C. and J.A. Tunge, Organophotoredox/palladium dual catalytic decarboxylative Csp(3)-Csp(3) coupling of carboxylic acids and pi-electrophiles. Chemical Science, 2020. 11(31): p. 8167-8175.

Cartwright, K.C., et al., Photoredox/Cobalt Dual-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Elimination of Carboxylic Acids: Development and Mechanistic Insight. Chemistry-a European Journal, 2020. 26(54): p. 12454-12471.

Cartwright, K.C., A.M. Davies, and J.A. Tunge, Cobaloxime-Catalyzed Hydrogen Evolution in Photoredox-Facilitated Small-Molecule Functionalization. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2020. 2020(10): p. 1245-1258.

Senaweera, S., K.C. Cartwright, and J.A. Tunge, Decarboxylative Acetoxylation of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019. 84(19): p. 12553-12561.

Cartwright, K.C., S.B. Lang, and J.A. Tunge, Photoinduced Kochi Decarboxylative Elimination for the Synthesis of Enamides and Enecarbamates from N-Acyl Amino Acids. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019. 84(5): p. 2933-2940.

Cartwright, K. and J. Tunge, Decarboxylative elimination of carboxylic acids via photoredox/ cobalt dual catalysis. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 2019. 257: p. 1.

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