Junior Eleazar Abraham selected as a 2022 Millennium Fellow

The Department of Chemistry Congratulates Eleazar Abraham for being selected as a 2022 Millennium Fellow. The Millennium Fellowship is a leadership development program in partnership with United Nations Academic Impact. The fellowship supports student-led community projects that align with the United Nations Academic Impact and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Millennium Fellowship program spans more than 2,400 institutions worldwide. KU is one of the only 28 campuses in the U.S to host a Millennium Fellowship campus hub largely due to Abraham who helped coordinate the program application and serves as one of the hub’s campus directors. He will now serve, helping hub members build leadership skills that help progress one of the UN’s 17 SGDs. The KU student fellows will partner with Friends of the Kaw to participate in River cleanup efforts. 

The fellowship concludes in November with a certification and inclusion in the 2023 Common Cause symposium in January which will focus on the intersection of climate and health.

Those interested in the Millennium Fellowship, Common Cause, or United Nations Academic Impact affiliation can contact Mauricio Gomez Montoya, student experience designer for the University Honors Program, at MauricioGomez@ku.edu.