Department of Chemistry Announces Spring, Summer Awards and Scholarships

2023 KU Chemistry Summer Scholars

LAWRENCE — The Department of Chemistry at the University of Kansas held its annual awards and graduation recognition ceremony May 7 to recognize the academic, research and teaching achievements of its students. The department distributed more than $313,000 in awards and scholarships to its undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, 14 students graduating with bachelor’s degrees in chemistry were recognized.

The department welcomed many special guests to this annual celebration, including the Chemistry Alumni Advisory Board (CAAB) members who were in town for their annual meeting, as well Arash Mafi, executive dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences; emeritus faculty; department staff and faculty; and family and friends of the honorees.

The department also announced the 2023 Summer Scholars. This program provides both graduate and undergraduates with a summer stipend to focus on research.

2023 Chemistry Undergraduate Awards & Scholarships for freshmen, sophomores and juniors:

Nicole Giam, Overland Park, Owen W. Maloney Scholarship

Ethan Le, Wichita, Drs. Bijan & Mary Taylor Amini Scholarship

Ben Mosier, Manhattan, Drs. Bijan & Mary Taylor Amini Scholarship

Darya Moiny, Stilwell, Frances Gayetta Hanna Lenser Scholarship

Abigail Butler, Shawnee, Leonard V. Sorg Scholarship

Allison Babbit, Lawrence, Michelle & A.C. Buchanan Scholarship

Stanslaus Kariuki, Overland Park, Kenyon Latham Opportunity Award

Chase Courbot, Salina, James P. & Sharon A. Elrod Scholarship

Hannah Chern, Shawnee, K. Barbara Schowen Scholarship

Trisha Nair, Overland Park, Jacob Kleinberg Award

Roy Manns, Topeka, Roger Munsinger Scholarship

Celine Khalife, Wichita, Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell Scholarship

Brandon Nguyen, Liberal, John Shapley Award for Excellence in Research

Cecilia Paranjothi, Lawrence, Leland & Jill Weigel Scholarship

Brian Faintich, Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, Leland & Jill Weigel Scholarship

Eden Brenneman, Wichita, Burton & Cheryle MacKenzie Scholarship

Jiani Osborn, Olathe, Ralph E. & Esther Weik Badgley Award

Marcus Stevenson, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Kristina May Paquette Scholarship

Audrey Rips-Goodwin, Overland Park, Steve & Susan Snyder Award

Colleen Thach, Phoenix, Arizona, Walter Gubar Memorial Scholarship

Theresa Read, Shawnee, Keith & Dona Darlington Award

Eleazar Abraham, Indonesia, Floyd & Ruth Fassnacht Memorial Scholarship


2023 Chemistry Undergraduate Awards for Seniors:

Evie Gruenbacher, Quinter, Emily V. Berger Award

Elaine Yeh, Overland Park, Emily V. Berger Award

Taryn McNickle, Arkansas City, Gini Adams Research Award in Analytical Chemistry

Claire Dopp, Olathe, Frank Newby Physical Science Award & ACS Inorganic Division Award

Spencer Einhaus, Salina, Frank Newby Physical Science Award

Thomas Finn, Overland Park, Frank Newby Physical Science Award

Gaven Stuhlsatz, Lawrence, Frank Newby Physical Science Award & ACS Organic Division Award


2023 Chemistry Undergraduate Top Senior Awards:

Caden Kussatz, Gardner, Wakarusa Valley ACS Section Award

Gavin Wolfmule, Salina, American Institute of Chemists Award

Samara Haenggi, Wichita, Richard J. Bearman Chemistry Award

Riley Stegmaier, Wichita, Alpha Chi Sigma Award & ACS Analytical Division Award


2023 Chemistry Graduate Awards & Scholarships:

Elizabeth Bartlett, Eaton, Minnesota, Dains Memorial Scholarship

Aleesa Chua, Los Angeles, H. P. Cady Award

Deshkanwar Brar, India, Richard & Sue Givens Scholarship

Joe Mandigo, Lawrence, Ray Q. Brewster Award

Fynn Cooper, Lawrence, Cornelius McCollum Research Scholarship

Alex Ervin, Lawrence, Cornelius McCollum Research Scholarship

Katie White, Lawrence, Cornelius McCollum Research Scholarship

Taylor Parsons, Ardmore, Oklahoma, Cornelius McCollum Research Scholarship

Davis Curry, Lawrence, Elmer McCollum Research Scholarship

Madeline Isom, Lawrence, Thomas Milne Scholarship

Jenna Williams, De Soto, Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell Scholarship

Dami Fateru, Nigeria, Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell Scholarship

Neiley Karns, New Hampton, Missouri, Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell Scholarship

Shreyaa Brahmachari, India, Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell Scholarship

Indika Warnakula, Sri Lanka, Burton & Cheryle MacKenzie Scholarship

Chien-Wei Wang, Taiwan, Burton & Cheryle MacKenzie Scholarship

Maximillian Chibuike, Nigeria, Burton & Cheryle MacKenzie Scholarship

Hanna Nguyen, Lawrence, Burton & Cheryle MacKenzie Scholarship

Ian Freed, Prairie Village, Burton & Cheryle MacKenzie Scholarship

Emily Mikeska, Lawrence, Drs. Walter & Roy Cross Memorial Award

Matthew Zupan, Lawrence, Drs. Walter & Roy Cross Memorial Award

Patrick Connelly, Olathe, Kristina May Paquette Scholarship

Kasun Wekasinghe, Sri Lanka, Robert & Emily Williams Community Service Award

Naviya Schuster-Little, Oberlin, Ohio, Steve & Susan Snyder Chemistry Award

Nishama Mohotti, Sri Lanka, Reynold T. Iwamoto Scholarship

Hasini Senanayake, Sri Lanka, Takeru & Aya Higuchi Award in Physical Chemistry

Miyuru De Silva, Sri Lanka, Drs. Bijan & Mary Taylor Amini Scholarship

Prabhavie Opallage, Sri Lanka, Women in Chemistry Opportunity Award

Emily Kurfman, Lawrence, Charles & Beatrice Kulier Scholarship

Prasenjit Srivastava, India, Glen & Karen Cox Chemistry Scholarship

Sachindra Gamage, Sri Lanka, George & Beverley Wilson International Student Support Award


2023 Chemistry Graduate Top Overall Awards:

Ebbin Joseph, India, Frank B. Dains Award in Organic Chemistry

Riddhi Golwankar, India, Ernest & Marvel Griswold Award in Inorganic Chemistry

Piyanka Hettiarachchi, Sri Lanka, J.K. Lee Award in Analytical Chemistry

Ashley Borkowski, Lawrence, Paul & Helen Gilles Award in Physical Chemistry

Priya Singh, India, Takeru Higuchi Doctoral Progress Award, Overall Superior Achievement in Chemistry


2023 Chemistry Undergraduate Summer Scholars:

Cecilia Paranjothi, Lawrence, Jack & Carolyn Landgrebe Research Scholarship 


2023 Chemistry Graduate Summer Scholars:

Prabhavie Opallage, Sri Lanka, Berger Summer Scholar

Lindsey Penland, Lawrence, Berger Summer Scholar

Colin Waller, Rinard, Illinois, Berger Summer Scholar

Georgii Griaznov, Russia, Hall Summer Scholar

Neiley Karns, New Hampton, Missouri, Hall Summer Scholar

Evelyn Pinedo, Lawrence, Landgrebe Summer Scholar

Eliza Hanson, Lawrence, Lee Summer Scholar

Joseph Karnes, Derby, Lee Summer Scholar

Chien-Wei Wang, Taiwan, Lee Summer Scholar

Joseph Mandigo, Lawrence, Marsi Summer Scholar

Nishama Mohotti, Sri Lanka, Marsi Summer Scholar

Miyuru De Silva, Sri Lanka, Metrohm Summer Scholar

Alec Lininger, St. Louis, Schowen Summer Scholar

Photo: Department of Chemistry Summer Scholars: front row, left to right: Prabhavie Opallage, Lindsey Penland, Eliza Hanson, Georgii Griaznov and Nishama Mohotti. Back row, left to right: Alec Lininger, Evelyn Pinedo, Miyuru De Silva, Joe Mandigo and Colin Waller. Not pictured: Neiley Karns, Joseph Karnes and Chien-Wei Wang.

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