A collage of 13 of the Department's 2021 graduates.

What's next for our 2021 Graduates?

Congratulations to all of the 34 undergraduate and graduate students who graduated from our Department this semester. Check out this page to learn more about what's next for them.

Headshot of Elaena Barney

My plan is to work in a research lab following graduation.

Elaena Barney
Chemistry BS and Sociology Minor
Headshot of Jack Dingle

I will be working for Stryker as a trauma medical device sales representative.

Jack Dingle
Chemistry BA, Business Minor, Healthcare Management Minor, and Professional Selling Certificate
Headshot of Jennifer Doolin

I have accepted an R&D Scientist position at Honeywell in Kansas City, MO!

Jennifer Doolin
Chemistry Ph.D.
No Photo Available

I am attending graduate school at the University of Michigan to pursue my Ph.D. in chemistry.

Logan Forshee
Chemistry BS with an Organic Chemistry Concentration and Spanish Minor
Headshot of Matthew Gadberry

[I] will begin a career search in the chemical industry following graduation. Current employment is on hold until ceremony completion

Matthew A. Gadberry
Chemistry BS
Headshot of Lexi Gambill

I will be working as a lab analyst in the flow cytometry department at PRA Health Sciences.

Lexi Gambill
Chemistry BS and Astrobiology Minor
Headshot of Ashley Grande

I will be attending Indiana University to pursue a PhD in analytical chemistry.

Ashley Grande
Chemistry BS
Headshot of Megan Hegarty

[After graduation, I will] work in the chemistry industry at KCAS Bioanalytical Services as a pharmaceutical analyst.

Megan Hegarty
Chemistry BS and Business Minor
Headshot of Morgan Johannesen

I plan to work in the environmental industry after graduating and I will be pursuing graduate studies in geology within the next few years.

Morgan Johannesen
Chemistry BS and Geology BS on the Environmental Track
No Picture Available

[After graduation, I plan to pursue] Internship or work in the chemical/cosmetic industry.

Jeehyun (Janet) Lee
Chemistry BA and Business Minor
No Picture Available

My plans in the future are to get certified in medical laboratory science and become a lab technician or scientist

Nick Murphy
Chemistry BS and Business Minor
Headshot of Thilanga N. Pahattuge

I will be joining Cepheid (Danaher Corporation) as a Scientist from the beginning of June 2021.

Thilanga N. Pahattuge
Chemistry Ph.D
Headshot of Milani R. Wijeweera Patabandige

[After graduation, I plan to work] as a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Division of Biology, Chemistry, and Material Science (DBCMS) at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Milani R. Wijeweera Patabandige
Chemistry Ph.D.
Headshot of Zeke A. Piskulich

I have accepted a postdoc position with Professor Qiang Cui at Boston University developing molecular simulation techniques for studying the interface between nanoparticles and biomolecules.

Zeke A. Piskulich
Chemistry Ph.D.
Headshot of Josh Wade

I have accepted an Assistant Chemist position at MRI Global.

Josh Wade
Chemistry BS and Philosophy Minor
Headshot of Pubudu N. Wimalasiri

[I will work as a] Postdoctoral Researcher at Argonne National Laboratory.

Pubudu N. Wimalasiri
Chemistry Ph.D.

Other Graduating Students

  • Bailey Boswell, B.S.
  • Ming Chen (December, 2020), B.A.
  • Alex Davies, Ph.D.
  • Madeline Devries, B.S.
  • Zuyu Jin (December, 2020), B.A.
  • Amy Jystad, Ph.D
  • Alexyss Lambert, B.S.
  • Shawn Mikeska, B.S.
  • Kaley Muir, B.S.
  • Thy Nguyen, B.A.
  • Yun Peng, Ph.D.
  • Zachary Panther, B.A.
  • Seungbin (Sarah) Park (December, 2020), B.A.
  • Keci Schilly, Ph.D.
  • Cole Sherrill, B.A.
  • Bowen Tang, B.A.
  • Pavel Yamanushkin, Ph.D.
  • Xin Zhou, Ph.D.

2021 Awards & Scholarships Recognition Program

This year, our Department awarded $160,000 in awards and scholarships to recognize our students' outstanding achievements in research and academics.
Jayhawk award trophies given out to our students at our annual awards ceremony.