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Chemistry Departmental Seminar

                                                        Friday at 4:00 
                           1154 ISB (CDS1) - unless specified otherwise
           Meet & Greet with refreshments served in the ISB atrium at 3:30


  March 22, 2019
  Dr. Brian Smith, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  Host:  Carey Johnson
  "Erasing and Reading Epigenetic Lysine Acylation with Sirtuins and Bromodomains"

  March 29, 2019
  Dr. Erik Grumstrup, Montana State University, Bozeman
  Host:  Chris Elles
  "Probing Microscale Charge Carrier Transport in Disordered Materials"

  April 5, 2019
  Dr. Anthony W.G. Burgett, University of Oklahoma, Norman
  Host:  Michael Rubin & Tom Prisinzano
  Title:  TBA

  April 12, 2019
  Prof. Abraham Lee, University of California, Irvine
  Host:  Mei He
  Title:  TBA

  April 19, 2019
  Dr. Rong Fan, Yale University, Connecticut, 
  Host:  Mei He
  Title:  TBA

  April 26, 2019 - ACS Lecturer
  Dr. Alexander J. Grenning, University of Flordia, Gainesville
  Host:  Roderick Black
  Title:  TBA

  May 3, 2019 
  Prof. Patrick Vaccaro, Yale University, Connecticut
  Host:  Marco Caricato
  Title:  TBA


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