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Chemistry Departmental Seminar

                                                        Friday at 4:00 
                           1154 ISB (CDS1) - unless specified otherwise
Meet & Greet with refreshments served in the ISB atrium at 3:30


  August 30, 2019
Prof. Kristin Bowman-James - University of Kansas
  Title: "Trapping Important Biosources of Phosphorus:  The Inositol Hexakisphosphates" 

  Host:  Chemistry Department

  September 6, 2019 - Adams Lecture
  Prof. Robert T. Kennedy -
University of Michigan
  Title: TBA
Host:  Sue Lunte

  September 13, 2019
  Prof. Abraham Lee - University of California, Irivine
  Title:  "Circulation on a Chip - Defending the Host from the Inside Out"
Host:  Mei He

  September 20, 2019
  Dr. James D. Blakemore - University of Kansas
Title:  TBA
  Host:  Chemistry Deparment


  September 27, 2019
Dr. Hrant P. Hratchian - University of California, Merced
Title:  TBA
Host:  Marco Caricato

  October 4, 2019
  Dr. Hosea M. Nelson - University of California, Los Angeles
  Title:  TBA
  Host:  Jon Tunge

  October 11, 2019
  Dr. Hannah S. Shafaat, Ohio State University
  Title:  TBA
  Host:  Tim Jackson

  October 17, 2019 - Arthur William Davidson Lecture
  Prof. Pablo G. Debenedetti - Princeton University, New Jersey
  Physical Chemistry Lecture (1200 CDUP at 12:15): 

                          October 18, 2019 - 1154 ISB at 4:00 P.M.
                        Department Lecture:  TBA
                         Host:  Brian Laird

  October 25, 2019 - Ray Q. Brewster Memorial Lecture
  Prof. Jonas C. Peters - Caltech
  Title:  TBA
  Host:  James D. Blakemore

  November 1, 2019
  Prof. Aaron D. Sadow - Iowa State University
  Title:  TBA
Host:  Misha Barybin & James D. Blakemore

  November 8, 2019 - Tiffany R. Maher Memorial Lecture
  Prof. William B. Tolman - University of Minnesota
  Title:  TBA
  Host:  Xavier Ortiz

  November 15, 2019
  Dr. Elyssia S. Gallagher - Baylor University
  Title:  TBA
  Host:  David Weis

  November 22, 2019 - E. Ambrose White Memorial Lecture 
  Dr. Sapna Sarupria - Clemson University

  Title:  TBA
  Host:  Amy Jystad

  December 6, 2019
  Dr. Scott Shippy - University of Illinois, Chicago
  Title:  TBA
  Host:  Michael Johnson




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