DyMERS Seminar


Wednesdays, 3:30 pm, 1003 Malott (unless specified)

Date Presenter/Topic
JAN_25 No Seminar
FEB_01 No Seminar
FEB_08 Amy Jystad, Caricato Research Group
“Characterization of Metal Modified Silicates Using DFT Simulations”

Aruna Munasingue, Jackson Research Group
"Exploring the Reactivity of a MnIII-OH Species"
FEB_15 Special Theory/Computation Seminar - 2043 Malott at 1:00p
Dr. Paul Cazeaux, Department of Mathematics, University of Minnesota
"Modeling and simulations for electron transport in incommensurate
van der Waals 2D heterosctructures"

Jenny Conner, Bowman-James Research Group
"Conjoined Crown Ethers and Cation Capture"

David Sconyers, Blakemore Research Group
FEB_22 Yun Peng, Blakemore Research Group
"Understanding Hydrogen Evolution with [Cp*Rh] Bipyridine Complexes"

Pubudu Wimalasiri, Thompson Research Group
"Vibrational Spectroscopic Probes of Water-Silica Interfaces: 
Surface and Simulations"
MAR_01 Emran Haque, Bowman-James Research Group
"Journey with Host Guest Chemistry:  Mono and Ditopic pincers to Little Macrocycles"

Monisola Okeowo, Barybin/Berrie Research Group
"Organometallic Self-assembled Monolayer Films of Azulenic and Biazulenic π-Linkers Featuring Asymmetric Anchoring"
MAR_08 Sadegh Mahvidi, Elles Research Group
"Ultrafast Dynamics of Diarylethene Based Photoswitches"
MAR_15 Melissa Denler, Jackson Research Group
"Investigation of Oxygen Atom Transfer Reactivity for a Series of Manganese(IV) Oxo Complexes"

Joshua Parham, Jackson Research Group
"Mechanistic Insights of O2 Activation by Mn(II) Complexes Supported by Donor-amide Containing Ligands"
MAR_22 No Seminar (Spring break)

Mason Hart, Barybin Research Group
“Pushing the Limits of a π/σ-Donor Ratio of Isocyanide Ligands: A Non-flourinated Rival of CNC6F5 and CNC2F3 Discovered"

Hiranya Mendis, Thompson Research Group
"Transport and Structural Properties of CO2 Expanded LIquids (CXLs) in Hydroformylation"

APR_05 No Seminar - ACS Conference
APR_12 Oluwaseun Mesele, Thompson Research Group
"Simulations of Vibrational Spectroscopy of Alcohols"
APR_19 Robert Adams, Caricato Research Group
"An Orbital Analysis of Molecular Optical Activity"

Katie Cannon, Blakemore Research Group
"Noncovalent Surface Immobilization of 4ƒ and 5ƒ Compounds"

Amit KumarBlakemore Research Group
"Synthesis and Interrogation of Bimetallic Complexes for Catalytic CO2 Reduction"

Yuri Lee, Jackson Research Group
"Terminal and Bridging Effect of Mn(IV)-Oxo Complexes"

Adedamola Opalade, Tao Research Group
"Reforming of Methane to Fuels on SIngle Atom Catalysts"

APR_26 David Stierwalt, Elles Research Group
"Using Two-Photon Spectroscopy to Probe the Excited State Dynamics of Photochromic Switches"

Kristen Burns, Elles Research Group
"Probing the Charge-Transfer of Halogen Bond Interactions using Raman Spectroscopy"

Ty Balduf, Caricato Research Group
"Charge Transfer via Through Bond Coupling:  A Theoretical Approach"

Ankita Katiyar, Thompson Research Group
"Understanding Host Guest Dynamics of Supramolecular Assemblies"

Seth Martin, Laird Research Group
"Curvature Dependence of Surface Free Energies"
MAY_03 Guest Speaker Prof. Michael D. Fayer
Stanford University, Stanford California

"Room Temperature Ionic Liquids:  Dynamics, Interactions, and the Role of Electric Fields"


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