DyMERS Seminar


Wednesdays, 3:30 pm, 1003 Malott (unless specified)

Date Presenter/Topic
JAN_25 No Seminar
FEB_01 No Seminar
FEB_08 Amy Jystad, Caricato Research Group
“Characterization of Metal Modified Silicates Using DFT Simulations”

Aruna Munasingue, Jackson Research Group
"Exploring the Reactivity of a MnIII-OH Species"
FEB_15 Special Theory/Computation Seminar - 2043 Malott at 1:00p
Dr. Paul Cazeaux, Department of Mathematics, University of Minnesota
"Modeling and simulations for electron transport in incommensurate
van der Waals 2D heterosctructures"

Jenny Conner, Bowman-James Research Group
"Conjoined Crown Ethers and Cation Capture"

David Sconyers, Blakemore Research Group
FEB_22 Yun Peng, Blakemore Research Group
"Understanding Hydrogen Evolution with [Cp*Rh] Bipyridine Complexes"

Pubudu Wimalasiri, Thompson Research Group
"Vibrational Spectroscopic Probes of Water-Silica Interfaces: 
Surface and Simulations"
MAR_01 Emran Haque, Bowman-James Research Group
"Journey with Host Guest Chemistry:  Mono and Ditopic pincers to Little Macrocycles"

Monisola Okeowo, Barybin/Berrie Research Group
"Organometallic Self-assembled Monolayer Films of Azulenic and Biazulenic π-Linkers Featuring Asymmetric Anchoring"
MAR_08 Sadegh Mahvidi, Elles Research Group
"Ultrafast Dynamics of Diarylethene Based Photoswitches"
MAR_15 Melissa Denler, Jackson Research Group
"Investigation of Oxygen Atom Transfer Reactivity for a Series of Manganese(IV) Oxo Complexes"

Joshua Parham, Jackson Research Group
"Mechanistic Insights of O2 Activation by Mn(II) Complexes Supported by Donor-amide Containing Ligands"
MAR_22 No Seminar (Spring break)

Mason Hart, Barybin Research Group
“Probing the TT-acceptor/σ-donor Ratio of 2-Isocyanoazulene Ligands through 1,3-Substitution at the Azulenic Scaffold"

Hiranya Mendis, Thompson Research Group
"Transport and Structural Properties of CO2 Expanded LIquids (CXLs) in Hydroformylation"

APR_05 No Seminar - ACS Conference
APR_12 Oluwaseun Mesele, Thompson Research Group
APR_19 Robert Adams, Caricato Research Group

Katie Cannon, Blakemore Research Group

Amit KumarBlakemore Research Group

Yuri Lee, Jackson Research Group

Adedamola Opalade, Tao Research Group

APR_26 David Stierwalt, Elles Research Group

Kristen Burns, Elles Research Group

Ty Balduf, Caricato Research Group

Ankita Katiyar, Thompson Research Group

Seth Martin, Laird Research Group
MAY_03 No Seminar
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