DyMERS Seminar

Wednesdays, 3:30 pm, 1003 Malott (unless noted otherwise)

Date Presenter/Topic
AUG_23 No Seminar
AUG_30 Davide Lionetti
Blakemore Research Group
"Multiple Binding Modes of an Unconjugated Bis(pyridine) Ligand Stabilize Low-Valent [Cp*Rh] Complexes"
SEP_06 Dr. Franklin Tao
University of Kansas

"Catalyst Design and Operando Characterization for Chemical Transformation"
SEP_13 Allyssa Massie
Jackson Research Group

"Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactivity by a Series of N5-Ligated Oxomanganese (IV) Complexes:  Structural Influences on Reactivity"
SEP_20 Professor Patrick Desrochers
University of Central Arkansas

"Scorpionate Chelates Designed to Control Metal Ions in Emerging Materials"
SEP_27 Amy Jystad
Caricato Research Group

"Acidity Characterization of Metal Doped Amorphous Silica Clusters"

Nate Erickson
Barybin Research Group

"Electrochromic Diisocyanide-Terminated Bi-and Terazulenic Platforms Chemically Accessible with Three Different Molecular Charges"
OCT_04 Chris Otolski
Elles Research Group

"Ultrafast Relaxation Dynamics of Trans-Stilbene Derivatives in Confined Organic Capsules"

Aruna Munasinghe
Jackson Research Group

"Reactivity of a MnIII-OH Species in PCET Reactions"MnIII-OH Species in PCET Reactions"
OCT_11 Alessandro Biancardi
Caricato Research Group

"Electronic Coupling for Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Systems with a Bridge-Overlap Approach"
OCT_18 No Seminar
OCT_25 Jacob Johannsen
Johnson Research Group
"Single Molecule Lifetime Trajectory Analysis"

Zeke Piskulich
Laird Research Group
Thompson Research Group

"Direct Calculation of Activation Energies and Volumes of Diffusion and Reorientation"
NOV_01 Jason Applegate
Barybin Research Group

"New Azulene Based Platforms Towards the Design of Novel Molecular Rectifiers"
NOV_08 Jen Doolin
Berrie Research Group

"Control of Graphene Doping with Azulene Derivatives-A Study with Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy"

Pubudu Wimalisiri
Thompson Research Group

"Understanding Liquid Structure and Dynamics near Amorphous SiO2 Through Simulations
of Sum Frequency Generation Spectra"

Zach Wood
Barybin Research Group

"Probing Charge Delocalization in Low-valent Organometallic Platforms Featuring the Isocyanide Junction via A New 13C NMR Approach"

Blakemore Group Presentation
"Eleventh Frame:  Presentation of Research in the Barybin Group to Celebrate the
Winning Team of the Inaugural Bowling Competition"

NOV_22 No Seminar
NOV_29 Tim Quincy
Elles Research Group


Ty Balduf
Caricato Research Group

"Electronic Coupling in Diazulenic Molecular Rectifiers:  A Theoretical Approach"
Dec_06 Abraham Opalade
Tao Research Group

"Methane Reforming to Produce Syngas Using Selected Heterogeneous Catalyst"

Melissa Denler
Jackson Research Group

"Artificial Metalloproteins:  Research in the Borovik Lab"


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