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Fridays, 12:00-1:30 pm, 3005 Malott

General Information

This exercise's goal is to give the graduate community of the Organic Division a supplemental weekly session to have a more personable experience in learning and also discussing topics in organic chemistry, both classical and current in an array of fields within the broad spectrum of organic chemistry. The weekly problem set is organized and performed by the graduate students in the Organic Division at the University of Kansas and is welcome to anyone, either student or faculty, that would like to participate in either presenting or contributing to discussions throughout the time allotted.


Friday's problem sets are a 90-minute session, which are coordinated by either one graduate student or post-doc. The presenter is asked to put together a short PowerPoint presentation on a specific topic in the field of organic chemistry of their choosing (e.g. total synthesis, methodology, concept based). The presenter then leads the audience through the PowerPoint allowing any questions to be asked at any time of the presentation. The presenter may also, and is encouraged, to ask pre-meditated questions to the audience. Members from the audience are also encouraged to visualize the discussions by writing their ideas on the blackboard. These instances normally include proposing a mechanism or an alternative synthesis of a compound, e.g.


At the beginning of each semester, the students of the Organic Division are asked to signup for a date to present at least once a semester.

Overall Goal

The object of this exercise is to supplement the graduate student's understanding throughout their graduate career, either to reinforce material being learned in coursework or to fill in areas of the student that they do not encounter on a frequent basis. The opportunity to present in this format, gives a casual platform for each student to converse in discussion as well as prepare them for future presentations and exams. The experience gained throughout this exercise over the years has provided an excellent practice for embracing the broad and diverse area of organic chemistry.

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