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Room Reservations

Chemistry Department Room Reservations

updated March 2021

Conference rooms & atriums (used for meetings, defenses, seminars, workshops, poster sessions, etc.)

ISB/GL (Integrated Science Building or Gray-Little Hall) - You can view the availability and make reservations for these rooms on each individual calendar in MS Outlook.  Please contact Laurie White (lauriewhite@ku.edu or 785-864-0354) with questions about the ISB/GL conference rooms, atriums or hallway calendars. Click here for instructions on reserving the following list of rooms, atrium and hallway in ISB/GL.

  • Conference rooms and other reservable spaces in ISB/GL are listed below.  Click here for information about the ISB/GL conference rooms.
    • 2113 Conference Room - (2nd floor, A Tower)
    • 2124 Conference Room - (2nd floor, between A & B Towers)
    • 2181 Conference Room - (2nd floor, C Tower)
    • 2182 Conference Room - (2nd floor, C Tower)
    • 3113 Conference Room - (3rd floor, A Tower)
    • 3124 Conference Room - (3rd floor, between A & B Towers)
    • 3170 Conference Room - 3rd floor, between B & C Towers)
    • ISB/GL Atrium Lower - (1st floor space by 1160 ISB and stairwell between Towers B & C)
    • ISB/GL Atrium Upper - (2nd floor space by North entrance and stairwell between Towers B & C)
    • ISB/GL Chemistry Hallway - (1st floor hallway between the East entrance and the glass doorways by 1154 ISB)

Malott Hall - all conference rooms are now all managed by Physics & Astronomy (including 6092, 3059, and 3005 Malott).  Please email Kayla Wegley (k.wegley@ku.edu) or if she’s not available, email Kristin Rennells (tatekris@ku.edu).

MRB (Multidisciplinary Research Building) - Please email Ann Smith (annsmith@ku.edu), or if she’s not available, email Carla Ramirez (cramirez@ku.edu).

Classrooms (used for class discussions, review sessions, seminars, etc.)

For all CLASSROOM reservations, you may email KU's Course & Room Reservation directly at reservations@ku.edu.

If you are with the Dept. of Chemistry, please email Elaine Knight (eknight@ku.edufor reserving any centrally scheduled classroom on campus, which include:

  • ISB/GL classrooms: 1144, 1146, 1154 and 1160 GL
  • Central Utility Plant: 1200 CDUP
  • Budig Hall: 110, 120, and 130 Budig
  • Wescoe Hall: 3139 and 3140 Wescoe
  • Malott Hall: 1001, 1003, and 2001 Malott

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