Chemistry Graduate Program

Departmental Supplies and Services

Shops and Offices

(Office hours are 8-12, 1-4 or 1-5, M-F with a 15-min. coffee break at 10:00 and 3:00. Most offices and shops remain open during those breaks.)

Academic Office
Matters related to course work, personal records, degree re­quirements, etc.
Business Office
Purchase orders processed, keys, office supplies, catalog library, copy cards, hazardous chemical and other safety data.
Apparatus and Chemical Storeroom
Chemicals, solvents, compressed gases, dry Ice, liquid nitrogen, office supplies. Receiving room for incoming shipments. Most apparatus, glassware and sup­plies other than those spe­cifically listed elsewhere.
Instrumentation Design Laboratory
Design and construction of new electronic and com­puter instrumentation; construction and maintenance of Malott network.
Machine Shop   (in Department of Physics)
Maintenance Shop
Construction of simple apparatus and shelving; mechanical repair; supply of nuts, bolts, copper tubing, hardware, etc. Fittings for gas cylinders.
Student Shop
Table saw, lathe, drill press, grind­er, etc.; see shopman in adjacent room.
Spectroscopic and Related Services

There are a number of service laboratories located in Malott and other buildings that are available to research projects. Many of these are under the umbrella of the Molecular Structures Group, manages shared instruments and computers used for determining molecular structure across the KU-Lawrence campus. Members of the staff include specialists in the four techniques currently represented in the group, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, x-ray crystallography, and molecular graphics and modeling; and technical personnel. They work collaboratively with faculty and students, acquire data for users, train users to operate the instruments themselves, help with planning experiments and interpreting the data, and frequently are co-authors on publications and investigators on grant proposals. Instrument operation and maintenance are underwritten by user fees. Specific information for each laboratory, as well as a list of other collaborating laboratories and service units can be found at the MSG website The MSG laboratories are listed below.

NMR Dr. Justin Douglas
Mass Spectrometry Dr. Todd Williams

X-ray Crystallography Dr. Victor Day
Molecular Graphics and Modeling Dr. Gerald Lushington
Analytical Proteomics Laboratory Dr. Todd Williams
Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory Dr. Jianwen Fang
Procedures for Procuring Supplies

When checking out material for research from a storeroom or shop, you must exercise care to ensure that the appropriate forms are properly filled out. We have a computerized inventory control system and all material is identified by number. It is very important that the correct number be used as there is no way for us to detect errors caused by use of wrong numbers. The cost of material you check out will be charged to your research project if you are on one or to an assigned departmental charge number.

Orders for material not available in the stockrooms or shops can be pro­cessed through the Business Office. Assistance is available for completing order forms. When the material you order arrives, you will be notified by telephone to pick up the items in Room B007. If the material you receive is not what you ordered or is defective, report this information to the Business Office immediately.

Services and material that you get from our shops and storerooms or that you order must be approved by your research director. In some cases your research director may delegate to you the authority to charge material against specific funds and in some cases he or she may want to individually approve these charges. In either case it is your responsibility to insure that you have permission to make charges against specific funds. If you are being supported by the Depart­ment, your research director is still the person who will authorize you to secure supplies and service.

In some instances it might be necessary for you to purchase material in a Lawrence store or at the Student Union Book Store. You should check with someone in the Business Office before doing this or you may run the risk of not being able to pay for it with research or Departmental funds.

Front Office Services and Procedures

The following are the front office policies and procedures regarding: (1) copier usage, (2) making overheads, (3) mail (both regular and express mail service), (4) access restrictions which apply to the front office (both time and area restrictions), and (5) FAX usage and long distance calls.

The Department relies on the "honor system" for all the above front office policies and procedures. This means that we are relying on you to comply with these restric­tions and regula­tions voluntari­ly. Abuse of these privileges by a few graduate students might result in a loss of privileges to all graduate students. Please help us monitor expenses by following these procedures carefully.

Copier usage - The copier located in Room 6049 is the only Department copier available for use by graduate students. This copier requires that you enter your course or research account number before copies can be made. If you do not know your account number, see Beth in the Business Office - Room 2010. No personal copying is allowed is allowed on this machine.

Transparencies - Overhead sheets for use in the copier are available from the basement stockroom B007. You should be prepared to provide your research or course account number.

Projectors - Projectors can be checked out in the front office. Ask a secretary for assistance.

Express Mail Service - Express mail services should be charged to your research account number. Your research account number should be referenced on the Department's copy of the express mail form and taken to the Business Office. If you intend to send express mail, ask one of the front office secretaries to provide you with the necessary materials from the vault area.

Federal Express has a drop box in the basement near the Apparatus and Chemical Store­room. Pick-up at 5:15 p.m. daily. Please do not call Federal Express and request a special pick-up.

U.S. Mail - Stamps in the front office are for official University business only.

The Department receives large quantities of regular U.S. mail everyday. We cannot process large quantities of non-Department related personal mail, nor can we guarantee that mail arriving here will not be accidently lost or removed from your Department mailbox. Therefore, we request that graduate students have personal mail sent to their home addresses and not to the Department. This includes newspapers, magazines, bank statements, letters, etc.

Important University and Department information will be placed in your Department mailbox on a daily basis. You should check your mail box in the graduate lounge area every day for these announcements.

Office Supplies - You should pick-up your office supplies from the basement stockroom room. You should be prepared to provide your course or research account number.

Access Restrictions for the Front Office - The front office contains student records and other materials that are confidential. In many cases, access to these materials is restricted by law. Therefore, at no time should graduate students be in the front office except during the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, unless they are accompanied by a faculty member.

FAX Usage - A FAX message outside Lawrence is a long distance phone call and should be charged to your research account. Ask a secretary for assistance. Once again, access to the front office is allowed only from 8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, so plan to send your FAX at those times.

Personal long distance FAX transmissions are not allowed from the Depart­ment unless you are using a calling card and charging the FAX to your personal account.

The Department FAX cannot be used for the KU UnCover information retrieval service provided by the libraries.

Long Distance Calls - Personal long distance calls are not allowed from the Depart­ment unless you are using a calling card and charging the call to your personal account.

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