Chemistry Graduate Program

Renewal of Assistantships or Fellowships

Assistantships are generally awarded on an annual basis. Reappointments to these positions are contingent upon the availability of funds and upon the student's satisfactory academic progress and performance of duties. Students pursuing an M.S. degree may normally be supported for no more than three calendar years, while students pursuing a Ph.D. degree may receive financial support for no more than five calendar years. Any GTA or GRA support beyond these time limits must be approved by the Graduate Affairs Committee. The Committee will act only upon receipt of a timely, well thought-out, clearly written petition which has been approved by the research advisor.

The University of Kansas, Lawrence, has established a ten-semester limit on appointments to graduate teaching assistantships (summer appointments excluded). In determining whether a person has met the limits described here, all semesters served as a GTA within any department of the university shall be counted.

Scholarship and fellowship awards (full, partial, or supplemental) are renewed only in accordance with the terms of the original award. Time spent under full-time scholarship or fellowship support is included in the time limits stated above.

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