Chemistry Graduate Program

Duties, Responsibilities and Performance of Teaching Assistants

Any employment with the University is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a background check.

Teaching / student assistants in the Chemistry Department have the following obligations:
  1. Maintain course attendance and grade records in accordance with Chemistry Department guidelines.
  2. Attend all scheduled course staff meetings and grading sessions and proctor scheduled exams. Arrive on time.
  3. Clearly and fully understand the material to be covered in the lab session, how to handle it in the laboratory, and how it is related to the lectures.
  4. Come prepared for each laboratory session. Return graded quizzes, laboratory reports, and problem assignments at the next laboratory session, unless otherwise instructed by the supervising faculty member. Grade accurately and fairly following guidelines provided by your supervising faculty member.
  5. Be available to students during laboratory periods and be prepared to help students with questions during the laboratory period. Be sure students know when you are available to help them outside of the laboratory. Treat all students fairly and equally.
  6. Follow instructions. Consult with the supervising faculty member before encouraging students to alter established methods for working problems or conducting experiments. When in doubt, ask questions.
  7. Promptly relay any problems encountered with the experiments or laboratory sessions to the supervising faculty member.
  8. Leave laboratories clean and orderly at the end of each lab session. Report equipment maintenance or room maintenance problems to the chemical stockroom personnel.
  9. Comply with chemical hygiene and safety regulations established by the Department and outlined in the Chemical Hygiene and Safety Regulations for the Chemistry Department.
  10. Turn in final laboratory grades by the date designated by the supervising faculty member.
  11. Be available until the final grades for your course have been assigned, but no later than three days after the university deadline for course grades.

Because each instructor in charge of a course has his or her own idea of how these duties should be performed, the instructor in charge will outline, (preferably in writing at the beginning of the semester), specific guidelines such as how attendance should be kept and reported, how lab reports should be graded and returned, etc.

If the instructor in charge finds your performance unsatisfactory, he or she will notify you in writing. You should discuss this matter immediately with the instructor. If after a reasonable period of time the instructor still feels that your performance as a TA is unsatisfactory, he or she will transmit this information to the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs, who will meet with the TA prior to making a decision on whether or not to terminate the appointment. The procedures that will be followed are those outlined in the university form titled Memorandum of Agreement between the University of Kansas and the Board of Regents and the Kansas Association of Public Employees. That document should also be consulted for hearing procedures in the event that the TA disagrees with the decision.

Both student and instructor evaluations of the performance of every teaching assistant are done near the end of each semester. These evaluations are intended to help you improve your performance as a TA. You will be notified when the summary of results is available for you to see and discuss.

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