Chemistry Graduate Program

Procedure for Selection of Research Director

Seminar/Colloquia Attendance

Students are urged to avail themselves of departmental seminars and divisional colloquia to assist in learning about research activities and opportunities in the Department. In particular, they should attend any special divisional colloquia in their area(s) of interest which are organized to acquaint students with the divisional research programs and faculty.

Student Interviews with Faculty

Prior to selection of an advisor, students are required to interview at least six faculty members. To facilitate this, a signature sheet will be given to you at the first faculty research talks. You must return this form with at least six faculty signatures to the graduate secretary, Patricia McCaffery, no later than November 15 (or April 1 for students entering in Spring) to ensure adequate time for a considered decision. When the student has obtained all the required signatures, the student should then return for further consultation with the faculty member in whose research group they wish to work. The completed form indicating the choice of Research Director (s) should be forwarded to the Graduate Affairs Committee through the graduate secretary. The Committee will review all requests and forward their recommendations to the Chair for final approval. A student cannot be considered a member of a research group until all these steps have been completed. Choosing an advisor is the most important decision a student will make in graduate school, and it should be done with careful deliberation.


All students entering in the Fall semester will be required to complete the above procedure by December 1. Students entering in the Spring semester will be required to complete this process by April 15 of the semester that they enter. Students failing to complete this process by the specified deadlines will run the risk of not getting into the group of their choice or of not being eligible for summer support. The Graduate Affairs Committee and Chair will process the student requests as soon after the deadlines as possible.

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