Chemistry Graduate Program

Course Requirements


Scientific Ethics/Responsible Conduct of Research: Each student must complete (with a grade of B or better) CHEM 700: Responsible Scholarship in the Chemical Sciences.

Laboratory Safety: Each student must complete (with a grade of B or better) CHEM 701: Lab Safety in Chemical Science.

Distribution courses: Each student must complete (with a B or better) two 700-level courses in Chemistry, in addition to CHEM 700 and CHEM701.

Advanced Courses: In addition to the distribution courses, each student must complete (with a B or better) four courses (700 level or above) in Chemistry or a related area. The list of courses to be completed must be agreed upon by the student and the student’s research advisor and approved by the Graduate Affairs Committee before the beginning of the student’s second semester in the program. (Changes to the list can only be made with the approval of the student, the research advisor, and the Graduate Affairs committee.) Note: these four courses represent a minimal set and do not preclude the student, with consultation of their research advisor, from taking additional courses in support of their research effort.

These coursework requirements must be satisfactorily completed before a student takes the comprehensive oral examination.

Chemistry department receives more than $8.5 million in research grants annually
14 chemistry faculty members have NSF CAREER Awards
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