Grover W Everett

Grover W. Everett
  • Chancellors Club Teaching Professor 1994-1999

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Professor Everett retired in 1999 after 33 years at KU. During this period he took four sabbatical leaves, one to England and three to Australia. Much of his research focused on various applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H, 2H, 13C, 59Co, 15N, 31P, 19F) to study coordination compounds of transition metals and to reveal binding sites of cations on biological ionophores. Nmr isotropic shifts and spin-lattice relaxation times were used to establish solution structures of compounds containing paramagnetic ions. He was one of the first to show the advantage of deuteron nmr for studying paramagnetic compounds. Other interests included investigations of stereoselectivity, stereoisomerization (thermal, photochemical, and electrochemical), and determination of absolute configurations of chiral complexes using circular dichroism and crystallographic techniques. He also studied reactions of coordinated ligands, membrane ion transport by ionophores, and enzyme-substrate interactions (in collaboration with Professor Himes in the Department of Biochemistry).

Since retiring, Professor Everett has been avidly studying geology, astronomy, meteorology, physics, biology, and Spanish.


B.S., University of North Carolina, 1962
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1966

Selected Publications

J.Y. Lee and G.W. Everett, Jr., “Binding of Manganese(II) by Tetracycline. A Carbon-13 NMR Spin-Lattice Relaxation Study,” J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 1981103, 5221 – 5225.

D.A. Hanna, C. Yeh, J. Shaw, and G.W. Everett, Jr., “Gadolinium(III) and Manganese(II) Binding by a Polyether Ionophore. Influence of Cation Charge and Solvent Polarity on the Binding Sites of Lasalocid A (X-537A),” Biochemistry198322, 5619 – 5626.

M.F. Wendland, T.H. Stevens, D.H. Buttlaire, G.W. Everett, Jr., and R.H. Himes, “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Formyltetrahydrofolate Synthetase Interactions with Formate and Methylammonium Ion,” Biochemistry198322, 819 – 826.

C. Yeh, D.A. Hanna, G.W. Everett, Jr., and R.H. Himes, “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Studies of the Interaction of Ligands with the Monomer and Tetramer Forms of Formyltetrahydrafolate Synthetase,” Biochemical Journal1988251, 89 – 93.

P.S.K. Chia, L.F. Lindoy, G.W. Walker, and G.W. Everett, Jr., “Supramolecular Transport of Metal Ammine and Amine Complexes Through Chloroform Membranes by the Natural Ionophore, Lasalocid A. The Selective Enantiomeric Transport of Chiral Metal Complexes, “ J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 1991113, 2533 – 2537.