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Integrated Science Building

Integrated Science Building
1567 Irving Hill Road
Lawrence, KS 66045

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1621 Ousdahl Rd
Lawrence, KS 66045

June 2018: ISB is open and students are attending classes in the new active learning classrooms and teaching laboratories.

Our new building boasts:

  • 4 collaborative-learning classrooms
  • 21 teaching labs
  • 41 research labs

April 2018: Excitement is building as faculty, students and staff prepare to move into ISB. June 5 marks the first day classes will be held in the new ISB labs and lecture rooms.  Stay tuned for photos of our cutting-edge teaching labs and active-learning classrooms.

April 2017: Hard hat tours have begun for faculty and other research staff who will have research lab space in the new ISB.  Below are pictures from a recent tour, including a sample research lab.  The construction is moving along as planned and the building is still set to be opened in the summer of 2018.

10/05/2016 UPDATE: Please click here to view a time-lapse of the construction of the KU Central District Development Project.

07/13/2016: KU Chemistry is excited to announce the new Integrated Science Building (ISB), which is a significant part of the Central District redevelopment plan on KU's main campus.  The Central District construction began in early Spring 2016, with the demolition of Stouffer Place and site preparation work continuing through the summer.  The construction of the ISB building is expected to be completed in time for fall 2018 courses.  The Central District will also include a new student union in place of the demolished Burge Union.  For more about the new Central District, click here.

ISB Atrium

Taken from the news release Redefining KU's Skyline for Greater Discovery written by former Provost Jeffrey Vitter: "the new Integrated Science Building will be a distinguishing feature of the Central District and Innovation Way. Finding a balance between teaching and research, the ISB will house new chemistry teaching labs that help ensure students have access to the latest techniques while also allowing students to see research advances in the same building. A clean room suite will allow more researchers to pursue cutting-edge efforts related to two new research centers ­­— focused on life sciences and materials science — contained in the structure. As practices and pursuits change, researchers can easily outfit and reconfigure the flexible-design labs. A 350-seat auditorium will enable departments to host conference presentations when not in classroom use.​"  


The drawings on this page depict the Integrated Science building along with the new student union, which will compose the first phase of the Central District construction.  

Integrated Science Building & Student Union (from southwest)ISB North Entry (from Irving Hill Road)

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