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Anion recognition by Bowman-James group featured in C&EN

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Kristin Bowman-James, distinguished professor of chemistry, was featured in the latest Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) publication in the article Extracting inorganic ions, organically for her research group's anion recognition.  Using organic molecules to extract inorganic ions is an area of vital research with many different applications, for example including in nuclear waste treatment, petroleum refining, and contaminated water treatment.   It was by accident a number of years ago that the group discovered that the macrocycle sequestered nitrate when they were trying to make a macrocyclic uranyl complex. This finding led to anion recognition and extraction research funded by the Department of Energy’s Basic Energy Sciences Program, and has led to collaborations with Jonathan L. Sessler, a chemistry professor at the University of Texas, Austin, and Bruce A. Moyer, leader of the chemical separations group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.​  


Please see the following publications for more on this research:



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