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Problem Set Archive

Spring 2013

Date Title Files
01/25/2013 "Top JACS papers of 2012", Simon Lang prob_set_01-25-13_lang.pdf
02/01/2013 "Semipinacol Rearrangement in Natural Product Synthesis" prob_set_02-01-13_maity.pdf
02/08/2013 "Stereocontrolled Domino Reactions" prob_set_02-08-13_zang.pdf
03/01/2013 Tunge Problem Set prob_set_Tunge.pdf
03/08/2013 Dearomatization prob_set_brennan.pdf

Fall 2012

Date Title Files
08/24/2012 Syntheses of Stenine Problem-Set-8-24-12-Partridge.pdf
08/31/2012 Total Synthesis of (-)-Isoschizogamine Problem-Set-9-04-12-Yamuna.pdf
09/07/2012 Singlet Oxygen Problem Set Problem-Set-9-07-12-Lang.pdf
09/14/2012 Gold Catalyzed Reac.ons and their role in Synthesis Prob-Set-9-14-12-Goldcat-Brennan.pdf
09/21/2012 Total Synthesis of (-)-A and Reassignment of the Absolute Configuration of Its Natural Counterpart Fusarisetin Prob-Set-9-21-12-Furasetin-Locascio.pdf
10/05/2012 Phosphoramidites in Asymmetric Catalysis Problem-Set-10-05-12.pdf
10/09/2012 Indoles: Synthesis and Utility Problem-Set-10-09-12.pdf
10/12/2012 Aminocatalytic Asymmetric Diels-Alder Reactions: HOMO Activation and the “Power of Many” Pathways" Problem-Set-10-12-12.pdf
11/02/2012 Total Synthesis of Gelsemine prob_set_11-02-12.pdf
11/09/12 Rearrangements leading to spirocycles prob_set_11-9-12.pdf

Fall 2011

Date Title Files
08/26/2011 Strategies for the Total Synthesis of (+) Zincophorin Problem Set-8-26-2011-Recio.pdf
09/02/2011 Tandem Use of Cobalt-Mediated Reactions to Synthesize (+)-Epoxydictymene, a Diterpene Containing a Trans-Fused 5-5 Ring System Problem-Set-9-2-11-Partridge-Thomas.pdf
09/09/2011 Selected Dearoma-za-on Strategies in Total Synthesis Problem Set-9-9-11-Grenning.pdf
09/23/2011 Synthetic Versatility in C-H Oxidation Problem-Set-9-23-11-Mendis.pdf
10/07/2011 Stereochemistry: Atropisomers! Problem-Set-10-7-11-Jeon.pdf
10/14/2011 Welwitindolinone Alkaloids Problem-Set-10-14-11-Venukadasula.pdf
10/14/2011 Welwitindolinone Alkaloids (PowerPoint) Problem-Set-10-14-11-Venukadasula.ppt
10/21/2011 James Partridge problem set Problem-Set-10-21-11-Partridge.pdf

Spring 2011

Date Title Files
01/21/2011 Re-visiting Baldwin’s Rules: The Basics problem_set_01-21-11.pdf
02/03/2011 Vilsmeier-Haack and Ru-vinylidenes problem_set_02-03-11.pdf

Fall 2010

Date Title Files
08/27/2010 The Diels-Alder Reaction problem_set_08-27-10.pdf
09/03/2010 Methods to Spiroketals: Classic and Modern Approaches problem_set_09-03-10.pdf
09/10/2010 Au(I)/Pt(II)-Catalyzed Rearrangements of Propargyl Acetates problem_set_09-10-10.pdf
09/17/2010 Total Synthesis of (–)-Exiguolide problem_set_09-17-10.pdf

Spring 2010

Date Title Files
04/16/2010 Total Synthesis of Chartelline C. problem_set_4-16-10.pdf
04/09/2010 Total Synthesis of Palau'amine problem_set_4-9-10.pdf
04/02/2010 Stereoselective Total Synthesis of Etnangien and Etnangien Methyl Ester problem_set_4-2-10.pdf
03/29/2010 Cascade reactions to make polycyclic natural products problem_set_3-26-10.pdf
03/12/2010 Total Synthesis of Echinopines A and B problem_set_3-12-10.pdf
03/05/2010 The Total Synthesis of Vinigrol problem_set_3-5-10.pdf
02/26/2010 Total Synthesis of (+)- Fendleridine problem_set_2-26-10.pdf
02/19/2010 Total Synthesis of the Antibiotic Branimycin problem_set_2-19-10.pdf
02/12/2010 Total Synthesis of Trilobolide, Nortrilobolide, and Thapsivillosin F problem_set_2-12-10.pdf
02/05/2010 Total Synthesis and Structural Revision of Tricholomalides A and B problem_set_2-5-10.pdf
01/29/2010 Chemistry of the Carbenoid problem_set_01-29-10.pdf
01/22/2010 Retrosynthesis Workshop problem_set_01-22-10.ppt
01/15/2010 Tandem Use of Cobalt-Mediated Reactions to Synthesize
(+)-Epoxydicymene, a Diterpene Containing a Trans-Fused 5-5 Ring System


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