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Printing Posters

The Chemistry Department prints posters for all Chemistry faculty, postdocs, and students with Chemistry funding sources for a fee of $20 to cover the cost of glossy photo paper and ink.
(NOTE: If the funding you plan to use is administered by Higuchi Biosciences Center, please contact André Faucher to arrange for HBC to print the poster.)

The Chemistry printer is located in the main Chemistry Department office in 1140 ISB (Integrated Science Building also called "CDS1" on KU's parking maps). The procedure below describes the process of creating, saving, submitting, and picking up a poster. 

Submitting the Poster for Printing

  1. To ensure someone will be available to print your poster on the day you submit it, please email Betsy Carlson (betsy.carlson@ku.edu) and copy Liz Coleman (elizabethm@ku.edu) to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. In this email, include the account number you will use to pay for the cost of printing, and copy Jan Akers (jakers@ku.edu) and Rick Huettenmueller (rhuettenmueller@ku.edu). They will check the validity of the funding source and confirm the print order.
  2. When you poster is ready, you may submit it for printing using one of the following methods:
  1. Please submit early enough to print at a backup facility (Kinko's FedEx) if the Chemistry printer is unavailable.  Allow 24 hours lead time minimum.

Picking Up the Poster

When the poster is ready, we will send you an email. You may pick up the poster during business hours in 1140 ISB (CDS1).  Please make special arrangements if you need your poster during non-business hours or another location.

We have 3" x 42" poster boxes for sale for $3.00.

If you have questions, contact Liz Coleman (elizabethm@ku.edu), Betsy Carlson (besty.carlson@ku.edu) or Megan Belaire (mbelaire@ku.edu). 

Creating the Poster

Files for posters that involve many images can quickly become quite large, making them slow to load and edit, and difficult to transmit over the internet. Minimizing poster size will help throughout the process. Here are a few suggestions for minimizing poster file size.

  • Crop and resize images to approximately the proper size before placing them on the poster. You will need a graphics editing program such as Photoshop to resize images.
  • When you have finished the poster, compress all images to reduce file size. To compress all images in PowerPoint 2010 or 2011:
    • Click on any image
    • From the "Picture Tools" ribbon, click on "Compress Pictures"
    • Under "Compression Options", deselect "Apply only to this picture", and select "delete cropped areas of pictures"
    • Under "Target Output", select "Use document resolution"
    • Click "OK"
  • To save ink, avoid large areas of dark color.

Saving the Poster for Printing

The safest way to save for printing is to save the poster as an Acrobat pdf file. This avoids version problems inherent to PowerPoint.

  • To save a poster as a pdf file in PowerPoint 2010 or 2011:
    • From the "File" ribbon, select "Save As"
    • From "Save as type", click the down arrow and select "PDF (*.pdf)"
    • Click on "Save"
    • Review the pdf file carefully for any changes. Normally, this process is error free.

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