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Chemistry Graduate Program

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduate teaching assistants (GTA) perform a vital role in the Department's education program and their teaching performance is evaluated at the end of the fall and spring semesters. The evalua­tion is intended to be a learning experience, so the evalua­tion forms are designed to provide objec­tive feedback on performance for each GTA. Informa­tion about the Chemistry Department's expectations (see Section IV) and a set of the evalua­tion forms are distributed to GTAs, at the begin­ning of each semester. Please take the time to carefully review the evalua­tion criteria on each of these forms. Under­stand­ing these criteria increases the likelihood of achieving a good evaluation.

For non-native English speakers, becoming a GTA requires passing either the Test of Spoken English (TSE) with a score of 50 or better or the Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK) with a score of 240 or better and certification by a group of three employees of the University, including one student. All GTAs must be in academic good standing (see Section B, Grading and Academic Performance)

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14 chemistry faculty members have NSF CAREER Awards
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