Chemistry Graduate Program

Research Advisory Committee

Immediately after each student in the Ph.D. program passes his/her oral comprehensive examination, the student together with the research advisor will select an appropriate research advisory committee comprised of a minimum of three faculty (including the research director) who will meet within two months of the date of the oral comprehensive examination. Normally, the research advisor will chair the committee.

The purpose of the meeting is to determine the progress of the student in research and to estimate an approximate date for the completion of the dissertation. If research progress is found to be inadequate, the committee will advise the student what needs to be done to enhance progress to a satisfactory level and will arrange to meet again at a time to be specified by the committee to reevaluate the research progress. If the research progress is adequate, additional meetings at later times will be left to the discretion of the committee.

It is the responsibility of the research director to fill out a brief report form describing the outcome of the meeting and to submit this form to the Associate Chairperson for Graduate Studies for inclusion in the student’s file.

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