Alfred J. Lata

Primary office:
Malott Hall
Room 3035

Academic Degrees

  • B.A., 1954, Princeton University
  • M.A., 1957, Western Reserve University

Areas of Specialization

Chemical Education

Research Interests

Chemical education: use of computers in chemical education.

In conjunction with his responsibilities in the general chemistry program, Lata is interested in developing the use of computers as teaching and learning tools. This includes the use of the computer as a computational device, a graphics tool for individual laboratory and classroom use and a surrogate instructor for students using computer-assisted instruction (CAI).

He is also interested in designing and developing CAI algorithms and programs, including those which use the non-calculational capabilities of the computer (e.g., analysis of chemical equations and equilibrium expressions, qualitative analysis, organic reactions, etc.) incorporating novel data structures and data generation.

Lata is currently pursuing interests in multimedia, molecular graphics, scientific visualization and stereoscopic three dimensional projection for individual and class instruction, as well as in the use of the computer as an education communications device. He continues with the development of computer support of individual problem-solving skills using artificial intelligence techniques.

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