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Departmental Giving Priorities 2012

Brian Laird, Chair

The following list of departmental giving priorities is intended to provide some direction for alumni and friends considering gifts to the Department. I would be happy to provide additional information about any of these needs, or discuss your own vision of how you would like to partner in the growth and development of Chemistry at KU.

Examples of Uses for Gifts

Faculty Development

1) Chaired (Named) Professorships
2) Support for postdoctoral associates, graduate assistants and undergraduate researchers
3) Support for attending conferences
4) Opportunity funding for purchase of instruments or development of new research areas
5) Support for development of new multi-investigator, interdisciplinary research initiatives
6) Support for specific departmental programs, such as the Ralph N. Adams Institute for Bioanalytical Chemistry

Major Building and
Renovation Funding

1) Construction of new science research space dedicated to Chemistry
2) Major renovations on building and infrastructure in Malott Hall
3) Resources for planning construction and renovation projects

Graduate Student

1) Resources to enhance graduate recruiting
2) Recruitment and stipend support for attracting underrepresented and international students to KU
3) Stipends and fellowships for attracting outstanding graduate students
4) Resources to support graduate student involvement in courses/workshops for professional enhancement
5) Resources to support graduate student participation in national meetings

Unrestricted Resources

1) Development of media for advertising the Department and upgrade of Departmental web presence
2) Support for undergraduate research activities
3) Undergraduate awards
4) Support for participation of undergraduate students at national conferences
5) Enhancement of communication and outreach to alumni and friends of the Department
6) Support for long-range

Chemistry department receives more than $8.5 million in research grants annually
14 chemistry faculty members have NSF CAREER Awards
Longest-running chemistry Research Experience for Undergraduates in the nation
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