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Chemistry Undergraduate Program

B.S. in Chemistry: Chemistry Major

The B.S. degree in Chemistry is designed for those students who wish to acquire more extensive knowledge of chemistry than is possible in the curriculum leading to the B.A. degree. This program is also certified by the American Chemical Society as meeting its professional training standards. A minimum of 50 hours of chemistry courses is required:

Course Hours
CHEM 170 (or 130, or 190) Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences I 5
CHEM 175 (or 135, or 195) Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences II 5
CHEM 180 Seminar I 0.5
CHEM 201 Lab Safety in Chemical Science 1
CHEM 330 (or 380) Organic Chemistry I 3
CHEM 331 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 2
CHEM 335 (or 385) Organic Chemistry II 3
CHEM 336 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 2
CHEM 530 Physical Chemistry I 3
CHEM 531 Physical Chemistry I Laboratory 2
CHEM 535 Physical Chemistry II 4
CHEM 536 Physical Chemistry II Laboratory 2
CHEM 620 Analytical Chemistry 3
CHEM 621 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 2
CHEM 635 Instrumental Methods of Analysis 2
CHEM 636 Instrumental Methods of Analysis Laboratory 2
CHEM 660 Systematic Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHEM 661 Advanced Inorganic Laboratory 2
CHEM 695 Seminar II 0.5
One or more of the following courses: 4

CHEM 698 Undergraduate Research Problems,


CHEM 699 Undergraduate Honors Research,a

or a 700-level Chemistry course

Total: 50 hours

a Note that CHEM 699 must be taken for two semesters and requires admission to the Departmental Honors Program

In addition to the required chemistry courses listed on the preceding page, the B.S. curriculum also includes a minimum of 59 hours of required courses or course areas (such as those used to fulfill the College Distribution Requirement) outside of Chemistry. Those general education requirements are fulfilled by following the KU Core.  Note that additional electives must also be chosen to satisfy the University Requirement of 124 credit hours for graduation.  A sample schedule is provided here.

Non-Chemistry Courses Required for the B.S. Degree*
Course Hours
MATH 121, 122, 220 (or 320) and 290 *Fall 2015 Math 125, 126, 127 take the place of Math 121, 122 12-15
PHSX 211 & 216 & PHSX 212 & 236 9
BIOL 636 (required for ACS Certification) 3

*Although foreign language is not required for the B.S. degree, students are strongly encouraged by the ACS and Chemistry Department to take language courses as part of their degree electives.

Chemistry department receives more than $6 million in research grants annually
14 chemistry faculty members have NSF CAREER Awards
Longest-running chemistry Research Experience for Undergraduates in the nation