Volleyball vs. UMKC
Sep. 05, 12:00 am
Labor Day - Campus closed
Sep. 05, 12:00 am
2015 Party on the Patio Alumni Event
Sep. 05, 09:00 am
2015 Party on the Patio Alumni Event
Sep. 05, 09:00 am
Jayhawk Day
Sep. 05, 09:00 am

Labor Day - no classes
Sep. 07, 12:00 am
Fall Break Begins
Oct. 10, 12:00 am
Classes Resume
Oct. 14, 12:00 am
Emerging Leaders Academy Graduation
Jan. 29, 03:00 pm

Volleyball vs. UMKC
Sep. 05, 12:00 am
Football vs South Dakota State
Sep. 05, 11:00 am
Football vs. South Dakota St.
Sep. 05, 11:00 am
Volleyball vs UMKC
Sep. 05, 04:00 pm
Soccer vs Oregon State
Sep. 06, 07:00 pm

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Chemistry Undergraduate Program

Advanced Standing

Advanced Placement Examination

Students who have taken the Advanced Placement Examination in Chemistry should have the results of that test forwarded to the Office of Admissions and Records.  Students who receive a score of 5 need not take CHEM 184 and 188, and will receive 10 hours of credit. Those who receive a score of 3 or 4, after Departmental review and permission, will be given credit for CHEM 184. Upon passing a special examination, credit for CHEM 188 may also be given.

College Level Examination Program

Students who receive a score of at least 50 on the General Chemistry Examination of the College
Level Examination Program (CLEP) will receive 5 hours of credit for CHEM 184.

Credit by Examination

Follow this link for information on Credit by Exam for Chemistry Courses.

Chemistry department receives more than $6 million in research grants annually
14 chemistry faculty members have NSF CAREER Awards
Longest-running chemistry Research Experience for Undergraduates in the nation