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Analytical Seminars

Mondays at 3:30 pm

Simons Auditorium, HBC, West Campus (unless specified)

Date Presenter / Topic
August 27 Dulan Gunasekara, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Chemistry
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
"Development of primary cell-based intestinal models for drug transport and toxicity studies"
September 3 No seminar - Labor Day

Adam Douglass, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Neurobiology & Anatomy
University of Utah, School of Medicine
"Oxytocinergic circuits controlling defensive behavior in larval zebrafish"

Seminar co-sponsored by COBRE Center for Molecular Analysis of Disease Pathways

24 Kiersten Garcia, Mike Johnson Research Group
"Neurochemistry of Chemobrain and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"
October 01 OPEN
08 No seminar - Faculty division meeting
15 No seminar - Fall Break
29 Uditha Athapattu, Soper Research Group
"Microscale/ Nanoscale Solid-Phase Enzymatic Reactor for Biopolymer (DNA/RNA) Disassembly"
November 05 Thilanga Pahattuge, Soper Research Group
"Photocleavable linker for reagent-less release of rare cancer biomarkers purified by microfluidic affinity-selection"
12 Tyler Hageman, Weis Research Group
“Higher-order structure comparability of proteins using hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry”
19 Dhanushka Weerasekara, Lunte Research Group
"Development of microchip electrophoresis based methods to monitor cellular nitrosative and oxidative stress"
December 03 OPEN


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