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Analytical Seminars

Monday, 3:30 pm, 1003 Malott (unless specified)

Date Presenter / Topic
August 21 No seminar
August 28 Nilan Kamathewatta, Berrie Research Group
Development of Gold Nano Structures for Selective Immobilization of Proteins for Biosensing
September 4 No seminar (Labor Day)
September 11 Kelci Schilly, Lunte Research Group
Bioanalytical applications of microchip electrophoresis: Looking for life and things that destroy it
September 18 Milani Patabandige, Desaire Research Group
Development of an Efficient Analysis Approach for N-glycosylation Site Profiling of Heavily Glycosylated Proteins
September 25 Charuni Amarasekara, Soper Research Group
Electrokinetic Transport of Deoxynucleotide Monophosphates (dNMPs) Through Polymer Nanochannels: Identifying Mononucleotides via their Time-of-Flight for Single Molecule DNA Sequencing
October 2 No seminar
October 9 Yuqi Shi, Weis Research Group
Sparse Representation of Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HX-MS) Data by Using LASSO
October 16 No seminar (Fall Break)
October 23 Kevin Leonard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
KU Dept. of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
Title TBA
October 30  
November 6  
November 13 Brandon DeKosky, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
KU Depts. of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Title TBA
November 20 Juan Rincon, Weis Research Group
Title TBA
November 27 Mei He, Ph.D., Associate Professor
KU Depts. of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering and Chemistry (Spring 2018)
Title TBA
December 4  


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